A company filing published for the first time this week shows Apple to be exploring portable multi-touch skins that can be wrapped around three-dimensional objects such as an iPod or steering wheel to provide addition GUI interfaces for those objects that can be configured via the touch skins themselves.

The Cupertino-based company notes that in the case of both touch pads like notebook trackpads and touch screens like those on the iPhone, the user moves one or more fingers on a two-dimensional surface to operate the device.

“However, for the operation of many devices, it is desirable, preferable or even necessary for the user to move his or her fingers over a three-dimensional surface,” the filing states. “This is directed to a multi-touch skin placed along three dimensions of an object. A single multi-touch skin can be configured to span all three dimensions or two or more multi-touch skins can be used to span the three dimensions.”

Have you ever wanted to open iChat or Adium to check a chat log, account setting, or other information, but didn’t want to connect to your instant messaging services? Rob Griffiths at Macworld offers a great tip on how you can easily do this, and it won’t annoy your online buddies with incessant signing on/off.

Before clicking on iChat or Adium, hold down the shift key and continue holding it until the application launches. When the app opens, none of your accounts will be logged in. You can then manually login to individual accounts as necessary. Try it and see!

Most developers will tell you that getting rich quickly through an iPhone App is the exception, but the stories of those who do continue to inspire many. Newsweek profiles some of the biggest winners of the App Store at this early stage.

Ge Wang is the developer behind Smule who has created a number of $0.99 applications, the most popular of which is Ocarina, a virtual musical wind instrument (video). Ocarina has seen over 400,000 downloads in less than a month and remains in the Top 10 Paid iPhone Apps. Wang expects his company to pull in close to $1 million this year.

A video story of the world’s greatest special effects house, Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light & Magic, from it’s beginnings on STAR WARS to now.

The Story of Industrial Light & Magic Part 4/6

Take a look:  livevideo.com

The Shoot SmartBook:”Visual Effects & Animation” is an ideal digital tool for sourcing industry contacts, key decision makers and building networks in the special effects segment of the commercial and entertainment motion picture marketplace. (To view/download SmartBook VFX PDF file click here)

This interactive reference directory is a fully downloadable, searchable, and printable digial file with the look and feel of a traditional print directory. This is an easily accessible tool for advertising agencies, filmmakers, television/cable stations, websites and other companies who produce motion pictures involved in the rapidly growing business of motion picture visual effects & animation.

(Source: ciol.com)                  Will the “so-called runaway film production” survive in the gloomy US economy hovering over its film and entertainment industry? Certainly it will survive and have more growth opportunities voices the Indian animation industry (IAI).

IAI is dear and near to movie companies and production houses back in States, mainly for its quality work and low cost outsourcing services. But at present the multi-billion entertainment sector is facing heat of the meltdown, resulting in project delays, lack of funds with high production costs.

BBC News is reporting that Star Wars: A Musical Journey will debut in London in April, then tour Europe.

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra will play a live score as excerpt from the six films are shown onscreen. The show was put together by Lucasfilm and composer John Williams. It will not have actors playing characters, but will feature live narrators.

The six films in the STAR WARS saga have been edited down to two hours and Williams has “painstakingly rewritten” the music he wrote, said a statement from Lucasfilm.

The special effects wizards behind Batman, Hellboy and Harry Potter are setting up shop in Singapore.
Double Negative, Britain’s largest special effects company, will open an office here by March next year where animators and designers will work on upcoming movies like Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, the newest film from the wildly popular boy wizard franchise.

Double Negative will start with over a dozen staff. It is the latest in a string of companies, including Lucasfilm Animation Singapore, that have established a base in Singapore.

Its recent credits include blockbusters like The Dark Knight, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Cloverfield and Quantum Of Solace.

VFX facility CafeFX has announced their 2009 visual effects production slate. CafeFX has been awarded work on films from directors like Martin Scorsese, Michael Mann, Stephen Sommers and Brad Silberling, as well as a major theme park attraction.

To meet the creative needs of a production pipeline in high gear and to provide accessibility and convenience for its Westside clients, CafeFX has expanded its art department to the fourth floor of the building it shares with The Syndicate, its Santa Monica-based sister company.

On Wednesday night, Apple released equal pairs of EFI and SMC firmware fixes for all of the new, late 2008 MacBook models to tackle problems with their reliability and power indicators.

The updates for the regular 13-inch MacBook, MacBook Air and 15-inch MacBook Pro all share virtually identical release notes, indicating solutions common to their platform rather than model-specific glitches.

The EFI updates all address “several issues” with the stability of the systems, though what these are isn’t made clear: a large number of users in Apple’s support discussions have been noting random freezing when systems have more than the base amount of memory, however.

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