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So it’s a full $59 more than expected, but with Wall-E’s tremendous success at the box office, we have a feeling Disney can get away with it. The Ultimate Wall-E remote control robot is now up for pre-order, promising kids and adults-longing-to-be-kids alike hours upon hours of fun. For those who missed this creature frolicking on video, here are the highlights: he can chat with his owner, dance, play music, dazzle you with those eyes and even sense / avoid obstacles. Unfortunately, all $249 will buy you is a place in line, as this fellow isn’t expect to ship until October 16th.

Silicon Graphics revealed the termination of more than 100 jobs, or about 7 percent of its workforce, since June in a filing today with the SEC. It eliminated 90 position on July 15 after the company “identified opportunities to consolidate and centralize certain groups, rationalize where and how we do business, and to relocate some functions based on efficiencies and geographic differences in the cost of doing business.”

The move followed a “separate action” on June 17 that cut 15 employees after Silicon Graphics shut down its data center and labs in Mountain View and moved activities there to its facility in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

Actor Christopher Lee now says he will not reprise his role as wizard Saruman in the upcoming Hobbit films – but he would play the evil dragon Smaug.

The first Hobbit movie will be made in New Zealand, along with a follow-up film to bridge the 59 years between that story and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which was also filmed there.

But veteran actor Lee, now 86, says it’s just too far for him to travel. So, rather than go on location to play Saruman, he’s offered to stay in England and provide the dragon’s voice instead.

Jim Hill is reporting that Walt Disney Imagineering will be adding a new Monsters Inc attraction to Pixar Place in Walt Disney World just in time for the park’s 40th anniversary. Apparently the lie queue area will entail an elaborate recreation of the Monsters, Inc lobby, complete with Mike Wazowski’s snake-haired girlfriend Ceilia behind the reception desk. The ride will be set after the events of the film, and human visitors of Disney World will come tour the facility as part of an open house. The two-minute long coaster attraction is rigged to collect human laughter and screams from the guests, and ends with a bang. Read the full description on Jim Hill Media. I’m glad that Disney is looking to flesh out the Pixar attractions at the Disney parks.

To anyone who thinks that the upcoming Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen is going to be another in a long line of sequels that plan on making things darker in order to set up the triumphant final part of a trilogy, then director Michael Bay has some bad news for you: As far as he’s concerned, there is no Transformers 3.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly last week, Bay explained why he can’t see any further than Revenge Of The Fallen right now:

Director McG   has updated his Terminator Salvation blog :

From a technical perspective, we have set out to achieve a completely new visual style that hasn’t been seen before. We’re shooting the film on color stock but are using a method inspired by the Oz process which was developed at Technicolor by Mike Zacharia and Bob Olson. Basically we are adding three times as much silver. It creates a surreal texture that is in keeping with the notion of the entire picture – feeling detached from the world we know today.

Microsoft this week offered a window into the first phase of a mega million dollar advertising campaign designed to clear up ‘misconceptions’ about the quality of its Windows Vista operating system exacerbated by in-your-face marketing efforts on the part of longtime rival Apple.

The first series of ads in the campaign were reportedly met with rave reviews last week when they were previewed at Microsoft’s employees-only Global Exchange conference.

“[I] got goosebumps – just, wow,” said one insider who was privy to the preview.

Based on the South Park Imaginationland Trilogy, you now control Butters in his quest to win The Battle of Imaginationland in this new iPhone game. Your quest takes you through Happy, Evil and The Battle of Imaginationland and has over 60 levels of gameplay which is taught to you by the Mayor. He teaches you the bouncing skills you need to collect items and accomplish missions the game. Accomplishing those missions gives Butters more power and allows you to rescue Imaginationland from the grasp of evil. The South Park Imaginationland iPhone game is packed with great graphics, amazing gameplay and the thrill of being able to save the worlds imagination by controlling Butters. Player can slightly adjust the flying direction of Butters by tilting the phone sideways.

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