Back in 2006 the Amazon Unbox video service launched, which was then being pitched as the best alternative to the iTunes Store. There was one big problem: it didn’t support Macs. Now, finally, Amazon is starting to rectify the situation with their new Amazon Video on Demand Service. PC Magazine has a First Look at the Service and, sure enough, it now supports Macs.

It appears that the new service will be similar to Netflix’s streaming (which does not support the Mac, though they have promised it a long time ago) in that you’ll be able to watch 40,000 movies and television shows in your browser. Unlike Netflix, however, the content will be priced individually with no subscription options. The video will be streamed with Flash 9.

Unfortunately, the program is still in beta and Amazon apparently has enough testers at the moment. However, you can sign up for their beta mailing list if you want to get in the next time they issue invitations.

Mobile Safari has always had a handy feature that i wished Mobile Mail would acquire. Apple must have read my mind, because it’s now available.

If you’re unlucky enough to receive lots of email, you can quickly jump to the top of the list by touching the menu bar (where the time is displayed) as of the iPhone 2.0 software. Ta-dah!

Remember, you can bulk delete mail with greater ease now, too. Both of these improvements are welcome, but it would be even better to be able to mark all messages as read (or unread) just as easily.


Has your mom ever called in a panic, saying the computer was displaying a weird error message and that she hurried and unplugged it just to be safe–and then dunked it in the bathtub so it wouldn’t burn the house down?

It makes you realize that, to some people, a computer is still a terrifying box of mysteries. Well, we think Hollywood writers have those people in mind when they portray laptop computers doing everything short of blowing up the moon.

After all, according to the movies…

#5. You Can Blow Up Shit At Will With Hacking

CrunchGear has a cool video of the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Unleashed running on an iPhone. The first half is just dialog and cinematics from the game, so feel free to jump ahead a bit.

You’ll see how the game makes use of the iPhone’s touch screen. For instance, different gestures produce different effects (Force power, lightsaber deflect, etc.). I’d like to see how other aspects of the game work as well, like piloting a ship and other battles.

It definitely looks like fun, though constantly having your finger on the screen could get distracting. In any case, the iPhone is certainly becoming quite the little gaming platform.

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