There was much iPhone news this afternoon at the Electronic Arts press conference at the Orpheum Theater. Among bigger EA games like Spore and Dead Space, Travis Boatman of EA’s mobile games division came out on stage to talk about iPhone gaming. He said that obviously there is “a lot of interest” around mobile gaming lately, especially around the iPhone, and that EA is committed to capitalizing on that interest.

iFixit had completely broken down a 3G iPhone to see what was inside. Now TechOnline has a report about exactly what makes it tick and they’ve managed to identify all the important chips on the iPhone’s mainboard to get some insight into Apple’s design choices.

They note that the 3G iPhone is an incremental improvement over the original iPhone rather than a ground up redesign. Of particular interest is how many of the new wireless parts are from Infineon, while the main processor remains a Samsung part. Strangely, given Apple’s huge flash order with Samsung, the memory itself seems to be from Toshiba. Check out the original article for a fuller description of the new iPhone’s silicon underpinnings. There are also some videos of the teardown.

ExtremeTech managed to score an interview with Apple’s vice president of Hardware Product Marketing Greg Joswiak where he discusses some of the tradeoffs of the 3G iPhone. He explains that cut and paste didn’t make it into iPhone 2.0 just because they didn’t get to it, judging “other things to be more important.” He also corrects David Pogue who had previously claimed that the iPhone was not technically capable of turn-by-turn GPS, leading us to believe that the limitations aren’t technical so much as legal.

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