Netter_anat(Source: Wired) It’s going to take some time for the amazing science apps, like the ones we envisioned last month, to appear on the iPhone, but that doesn’t mean there’s no apps to satisfy your inner science geek. In this list, we run down 22 web and native applications for the fancy phone-toting science lover.

As always, too, feel free to tell us how we’re wrong down in the comments.

5 iPhone App Picks for Science Geeks

Genetic Decoder: An elegant app that lets you input RNA codons and outputs amino acid information. Perhaps a taste of the future for scientific iPhone apps? (Web, Free)

Star Map: A sophisticated interactive star-map app that its makers call a “portable planetarium.” A sweet aid for amateur astronomers and casual stargazers. (iPhone 2.0, $11.99)

[Editor's note: Luckily I installed the 2.0 iPhone software yesterday because it appears that installing it today is a very bad idea]

Apple this afternoon officially released version 2.0 of iPhone software for both first-generation iPhones and the iPod touch. iPhone users, however, should not attempt to install the update at this time due to ongoing Apple server issues.

iPhone Software 2.0

Earlier this morning, first-generation iPhone owners who connected their phones to iTunes were told that they could finally download and install iPhone Software v2.0. However, an official announcement regarding the software’s release was not issued until 1:05 p.m. Eastern time.

My favorite thing about open platforms that allow third-party developers to run wild is when those independent programmers actually do. Jeffrey Grossman wrote a free native application called that revolves around movie listings and offers everything from from a straightforward, yet sophisticated lookup by movie or theater to a crisp, clear preview on the phone.

Grossman wisely included the other essential information that every moviegoer may want or need, including supporting information on IMDB, a lists of popular movies currently in theaters, and another list of shows coming to theaters soon (first up is Dark Knight). There’s also a way to buy tickets on the spot through the iPhone brand of, and complete Google-powered maps and directions. The only things missing are user reviews and stars for theaters with the best popcorn.

For all UNKLE and X-Files fans alike, UNKLE recently remixed the theme song for The X-Files: I Want to Believe feature film due out 25 July in the US and 1 Aug in the UK. UNKLE’s song “Broken” from War Stories accompanies this remix as the only two works included in the movie not performed by Mark Snow, the creator of the world-famous title sequence and the dark score for the TV show and film. The UNKLE remix and “Broken” will be released worldwide on the movie’s soundtrack 21 July. Be sure to get yourself a copy here in the US or here in the UK!

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