If there’s one thing that Google Earth taught us, it’s that the stars never outgrow their mystery. For fans of the sky layer on Google Earth, there’s Starmap, an educational iPhone app that, unlike your laptop or desktop, you can easily take with you on a cloudless night to a nearby hilltop.

Pocket astronomers will find a screen that shows a sky full of planets, visible stars, named stars, galaxies, and nebulae, and coordinates that you can access and search for from an unobtrusive ribbon of icons. Sensitivity to the accelerometer tips the view vertically and horizontally, and you can pinch and pull the screen to get a closer look at the arrangement of the points of light.

(Source: CNET) We’ve swooned over Pandora’s new iPhone application, LOL’d at the chat application from AIM, and poked friends with the new Facebook application. But as we continue to dig deeper into the growing catalog of iPhone applications one thing is clear: there are some stinkers in the mix. Sure, they might we well-coded (or not), but who needs them? We’ve put together a list of 10 absolutely absurd new iPhone apps.

Photo of iPhone using Pandora Internet radio application.

(Source: CNET) Apple publicly unveiled the Pandora Internet radio iPhone and iPod Touch application during the unveiling of the iTunes App store on Thursday, July 10. Tim Westergren, CEO for Pandora, was kind enough to give me a personal tour of the new application. The following is a synopsis of just about every question I had for Tim. Editors’ note: This is not an interview transcript, but a roundup of information on the Pandora iPhone application presented in a FAQ format.

How much will iTunes charge for the Pandora application?

It’s free.

(Source: CNET) We’ve had a few minutes to play with the Remote App for the iPhone. The [not surprising] verdict? It’s an easy must-have for any iPhone or iPod Touch owner who enjoys listening to music at home.

Once you’ve upgraded your iPhone (or Touch) to version 2.0, just go to the App Store and search on “remote.” (Amazingly, that–not “iRemote”–is the program’s official name.) You can download it straight to the phone over a Wi-Fi connection (tap the word “free” on the upper right corner), and it auto-installs, adding a new icon to your home screen.

Loopt was one of the first companies to strut its stuff in an onstage demo at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference in June and Loopt’s friend-tracking application works as seamlessly and as powerfully as promised. The application integrates with iPhone’s GPS and touch-screen camera technology in a rich, immensely usable native application that makes finding friends and nearby businesses easy. Loopt also supplies mapping, directions, and restaurant reviews using Microsoft Virtual Earth and Yelp. Directions are instantaneously mapped on Google.

By far the most compelling aspect is Loopt’s capbility to track your circle of friends and show you their whereabouts. A combination of GPS-mapping and standard social networking attributes such as messaging, leaving comments, and click-to-call form the backbone of the opt-in friend-finding service. CNET’s video of CEO Sam Altman’s demo at the WWDC is a fine example of how Loopt can be used to make impromptu plans with nearby contacts.

To get extra social with friends who aren’t on Loopt, the application can be configured to auto-update your status and whereabouts on Twitter and Facebook.

Shazam has released a version of its Music Identification Software for the iPhone.

You hold it up to record a few seconds and Shazam identifies the music. The software is beautifully designed and a easy to use. You can save your tag history and buy music you like directly from iTunes as well as share the music info with friends via email.

Kudos to Shazam for releasing such a beautiful application. Although it’s currently free, it will require a service plan with a monthly cost. Going by other countries, expect the service to run about $5 to $10 per month.

Exposure is an iPhone native Flickr browser and it lets you do everything you can do on Flickr’s website and more. The neatest feature, and the creepiest, is the ‘Near Me’ button. Press it, and through the magic of Core Location, Exposure will show you all the photos on Flickr that were taken near your current location.

The App Store has been accessible for awhile now, but it is now official. Fire up your copy of iTunes and you’ll be greeted with a new addition to the left hand navigation: App Store. As with the other sections of the iTunes Store you’ll find a number of sections: New Apps, Top Apps, Top Free Apps, and more.

The iPhone 2.0 firmware hasn’t been released as of yet, but browsing the App Store should keep your mind off that for a little while.

The 2.0 firmware update for current iPhone users has leaked out a bit early. Some, have already taken the plunge and installed it. Still others are waiting for the “official” version from Apple to be released before going ahead and installing it. I’m not one of those people.

I downloaded and installed the new firmware this morning as soon as it was available. The update process went smoothly and, as expected, all of the media was erased from my iPhone. Fortunately, once the iPhone restarted and began its first sync after the update, all of my previous media (music, podcasts, video) was restored and able to be used again.

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