Finally, we’ve got a WoW app for the iPhone, but it’s not quite what we’d expected. Apparently tired of waiting for Blizzard to release an official app, Rudi has taken things into his own hands and released Characters for the iPhone, a slim little app that lets you pull up your characters (or anyone elses), and browse through their Armory stats.

I installed the app (it’s free), and took a look at it — unfortunately it’s not very robust, as there’s no way to see gear (unlike Omen of Clarity’s iArmory web app), but it does run great and look shiny. Upon running the app, you can just punch in your character’s info (or anyone else’s — all you need is a name and realm), and it’ll get added to your list. Choosing one sends you to screens where you can see information about professions and talents, ability stats, or combat stats.

Litigation boutique SimmonsCooperAndrew has struck down film-maker George Lucas’ galactic High Court battle over ownership of the IP rights to the stormtrooper helmets from the Star Wars films.

Justice Mann ruled that the English copyright for the helmets had expired, which means the movie mogul and LucasFilm does not have exclusive rights to replicate the helmets.

As The Lawyer revealed (7 April), SimmonsCooperAndrew was acting for British engineer Andrew Ainsworth, who produced the stormtrooper helmets and armour for the original 1977 Star Wars: A New Hope film, as well as Luke Skywalker’s ‘X-Wing’ helmet.

(Source I’m not sure how to describe it so I often say “The goal is to make schools look more like children’s museums.” The idea is that the school buildings themselves should be more attractive and enticing spaces that contribute to the learning process rather than be just warehouses for students, teaching factories, or learn-release youth prisons.

Architects make big money designing schools and give out awards for top school designs but they are mainly interested in attractive, functional buildings with sufficient floor space, lighting and HVAC. Interior designers can do some things with the halls and rooms but they are mainly concerned with sink placement, cabinetry, window treatments and color schemes.

The Visual Effects Society has named Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall as its 2009 lifetime achievement award honorees.

Either individually or working as a team, Kennedy and Marshall have produced many of the most notable vfx hits of the last three decades, including the four Indiana Jones films, “E.T.,” “Jurassic Park” and “The Sixth Sense.”

VES prexy Eric Roth cited the pair for using visual effects technology creatively and for their use of vfx “not only to tell a story more creatively, but also to have a more positive impact on the all-important bottom line.”
The seventh annual VES Awards will be presented at the Century Plaza Hotel in Beverly Hills on Feb. 21.

Just last week we discovered that Fox is developing a live-action Cowboy Bebop movie based on the popular anime series. Remarkably, the project still isn’t officially announced and Fox is still keeping it under wraps. However, a good friend inside the industry who is a very reliable source wrote in to tell me that the film is being fast tracked inside the studio and will most likely be out by 2010. He also revealed that Keanu Reeves has been attached as the lead character Spike for over eight months now and is still set for the role. Unfortunately there isn’t a writer or director attached yet, but with some new forward momentum coming from last week’s announcement, I don’t think it will take too long.

With the first phase of the iPhone 3G launch in the rear view, Apple Inc. is now shifting much of its focus towards product refreshes targeting its two other revenue drivers and is advising resellers to be prepared for product shortages in the interim.

More specifically, the Cupertino-based company in recent days issued an advisement bulletin to some of its channel partners hinting at a manufacturing ramp down of iPods and certain Mac notebook models, which will result in limited supplies of those products in the coming weeks.

Who says that Walt Disney Pictures can’t keep a secret?

As the “Race to Witch Mountain” panel ended yesterday at Comic-Con, 6,500 people got to their feet. As these folks made ready to head back into the San Diego Convention Center, that panel’s MC hurried back onstage. Saying “Stay in your seats please. We have something else to show you folks. Something that won’t be in theaters for another year or so.”

And then the house lights went down again. The Walt Disney Pictures appeared on the screen, then quickly faded to black. A very familiar sort of black.

For rich and super Star Wars fans! one of four original T.I.E. Fighter models used in the filming of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.on eBay acution. It measures around 18 x 14 inches and stands 24 inches on the display base. The battle damage was added later in filming. posted an exclusive interview with Star Trek movie producer Damon Lindelof. Here are few excerpts. So Damon, can you give us a production update? Where are you on your timeline?

Damon Lindelof: We are still cutting the movie, getting effects from ILM, and we are going to show the movie to the brass at Paramount, probably by the end of August. We are really, really, really excited about what we got. I think the movie really works. Then I think we are just going to be putting effects shots in. It is one of those things where we have stayed on the schedule to get the movie ready for Christmas, so we are going to be sitting on it for a while.

Lucasfilm has selected young software development company Tweak Software’s new RV playback application for use at all of its entities, including Industrial Light+Magic, Lucasfilm Animation, Lucasfilm Animation Singapore and LucasArts.

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