The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday upheld a law barring selling child pornography even when no real children are used in the actual material. Prosecutors had claimed that if the law was not sustained, they would have to prove that real children had been used and not generated on a computer.

Titanic director James Cameron talked today at Microsoft Advance ‘08 about his highly-anticipated Avatar, which 20th Century Fox will release in theaters on December 18, 2009. Search Engine Watch has a great rundown of what Cameron talked about and here are just a few clips:

“‘Avatar’ will make people truly experience something,” said Cameron. “One more layer of the suspension of disbelief will be removed. All the syn-thespians are photo-realistic. Now that we’ve achieved it, we discovered CG characters in 3D look more real than in 2D. Your brain is cued it’s a real thing not a picture and discounting part of [the] image that makes it look fake.”

“The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” hunk Ben Barnes has been cast in the titular role for “The Picture of Dorian Gray” says The Hollywood Reporter.

Based on Oscar Wilde’s classic novel, the story follows a young man who wishes that his youth and beauty will not fade due to either age or indulgence. His wish comes true when a portrait of him begins to deteriorate whilst he stays young and beautiful.

Director Oliver Parker (“An Ideal Husband,” “The Importance of Being Earnest”) plans to make this a visceral, dark horror story version of the story. Shooting begins July 28th.

(Source:  Getting a break in film special effects is hard, but not as hard as you may think. The following ten things will go a long way to help you achieve your dream job.

1) Understand the Industry

If you want to work in special effects, it’s important not just to know the difference between a Stag (stagehand) and a Director, but know how special effects itself is divided up. Long gone are the days when Ray Harryhausen (Jason and the Argonauts) would lock himself in a shed with a small team of people and do all the special effects himself. Now, everything is spread across different teams and departments. So, if you’re interested in sculpting sets and large monsters, you want to work as a film sculptor; if you’d prefer smaller more technical projects you’d be better off choosing the model unit.

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