This is pretty much genius. Do you have a bunch of “membership cards” in your wallet? All those cards with a barcode or number on them that you get from places like the local grocery store, or some other retailer. They’re useful to have around, but they tend to pile up after a while, and pretty soon, your wallet gets to be a brick of barcodes rather than anything you’d actually want to carry around in your pocket. One brilliant solution is to scan all of his barcodes into the iPhone, front and back, as an iPhoto album. And lo and behold, just like the paperless boarding passes, it works. All of the barcodes are scannable, which means no more countless membership cards — just a gallery in your iPhone.

While the Inuit people of Alaska and Canada probably don’t have more than a dozen words for snow (rather than the hundreds attributed to their language), it seems to me that we’re well into the century mark for different ways of saying “the iPhone 3G is right around the corner.” Today’s example of iPhonius FirstGenerationic Obsoletum comes from Boy Genius Report, which reprints an urgent email to AT&T Retail staffers: no more than 1 iPhone per customer, please.

You may not have heard about this small manufacturer of VFX workstations, but there is a good chance that you saw a movie or a TV show with special effects done on one of these machines.

BoxxX is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year and in order to celebrate the occasion, the company assembled an ultimate visual effects machine based on Intel’s Skulltrail platform and Core 2 Extreme processors. To create a Special Edition of its 3DBOXX machine (8400se), the Boxx guys turned to Asetek for a new cooling system and posted a new world record score on for a dual-processor workstation as a result. No doubts, this overclocked workstation is a dream for any enthusiast with really, really deep pockets.

Today’s iPhone rumor comes from Intel’s 40th birthday bash in Germany, which was held yesterday night. The German ZDnet guys reported that Intel Germany boss Hannes Schwaderer confirmed that the Apple’s iPhone will be available with Intel’s Atom chip. There is a lot of interest in Apple’s new iPhone these days, so it is no surprise that the news spread like wildfire. Intel soon denied the report as false, but the author stands by his story. In the end, Intel’s claims do not “entirely” contradict what we have heard before from the company – that Intel is aiming for the iPhone in the future

The most influential names in entertainment are furiously working with the latest breakthrough 3D technology, and you can now add Steve Jobs to the list that already includes three-time Academy Award winner James Cameron, U2 visionary Bono, Lord of the Rings Director Peter Jackson, and Imax (IMAX) co-CEOs Richard Gelfond and Bradley Wechsler.

Apple has officially filed a patent for a 3D gaming controller that will work with the Apple TV. As reported on, in the November 2006 filing, published for the first time this week earlier this month, the Cupertino-based electronics maker notes that the three-dimensional remote control systems can detect an absolute location to which a remote control is pointing in first and second orthogonal axes (e.g., the x- and y-axes) and an absolute position of the remote control in a third orthogonal axis (e.g., the z-axis).

(Source:            Because I had lost my Ratatouille poster last night I decided that the best thing you could do was to attend another RenderMan presentation, get another walking teapot, get another RenderMan sample DVD and to fill out another survey sheet. In the comments section I apologized for attending another session and that I was eager for a new poster. Sometimes you just have to be honest. Still I took a seat not directly in the front again.

Hasbro has tapped movie industry veteran Bennett Schneir to fill the newly-created position of Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Motion Pictures.

Schneir comes to Hasbro from filmmaker Robert Zemeckis’ production company, ImageMovers, where he worked on a number of major motion pictures, including What Lies Beneath, Cast Away, The Polar Express, Monster House and Beowulf. In his most recent role as ImageMovers Digital’s VP of creative affairs, he oversaw all of the company’s creative development and worked on many Disney-related projects as part of ImageMovers’ 10-year deal with The Walt Disney Company to produce Disney-branded motion pictures. He began his career at Creative Artists Agency.

Lucasfilm has announced that “Star Wars Weekends” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will give a sneak peek at Star Wars: The Clone Wars, coming to theaters on August 15:

The Star Wars adventures continue on Aug. 15 with the theatrical release of STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS from Lucasfilm Animation, and this year’s Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort will offer fans an exciting, in-depth look at the making of this big-screen animated epic.

Grand Theft Auto IV is not just a gleaming cube of excellence. By selling 3.6 million copies and raking in US$310 million in its first day of release, GTA IV claimed both the Guinness World Records for highest grossing video game in 24 hours and the highest revenue generated by an entertainment product in 24 hours.

This has established GTA IV as the biggest entertainment release of all time, quite a feat when you consider other blockbusters such as Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, which took in US$220 million, and Halo 3, with US$170 million.

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