Stephen Colbert has won a special achievement Webby award for his contributions to the internets. What contributions, you may ask? What about the Greenscreen Challenge, which not only brought excellent humor and commentary to the show, online and off, but also caused a well-publicized feud with The Decemberists?

Colbert is also being feted for his announcement of his intentions to run for President, and Google bombing the internet with keywords that make him the top hit when “Greatest Living American” is searched for. It also doesn’t hurt that he will likely attend the ceremony and publicize it on The Colbert Report.

Stride Gum is jumping on the “I hate Uwe Boll” bandwagon. The company is promising to give away a free pack of gum to everyone who signs an anti-Boll internet petition, if the number of signatures tops a million

“Since gamers are one of our most supportive groups, we’ve been looking for ways to return the favor,” said Stride marketing director Gary Osifchin. “And what better way is there to get gamer’s backs than by helping them rescue their cherished videogames from the clutches of Uwe Boll?”

Microsoft announced Tuesday that it would start selling video programming for the Zune, including TV programs from NBC Universal, who recently yanked its shows off Apple’s iTunes Store.

Turns out NBC has a few disputes with Apple, including the fact that Apple says all TV shows have to share the same wholesale price so they can sell all of them at $1.99. NBC, on the other hand, wants to sell its programs for whatever price it damn well chooses. Plus, Apple refused to cooperate with NBC on building filters into its iPod player to remove pirated movies and videos.

A California federal judge ordered TorrentSpy to pay nearly $111 million in damages for infringing the copyright of thousands of films and TV shows through its BitTorrent search engine.


U.S. District Judge Florence-Marie Cooper issued a permanent injunction against TorrentSpy, ordering the site to pay $30,000 per copyright infringement–for 3,699 films and shows (all in all about $110,970,000).

“The demise of TorrentSpy is a clear victory for the studios and demonstrates that such pirate sites will not be allowed to continue to operate without facing relentless litigation by copyright holders,” MPAA CEO Dan Glickman said in a statement.

The Criterion Collection’s long-awaited HD debut — delayed by that annoying format war — finally has a date, as well as a list of the first movies getting a definitive release in 1080p. If that wasn’t enough, try this bit on for size: They won’t charge viewers extra for the privilege. That’s right, according to the e-mail that went out to subscribers today, all Blu-ray releases will feature HD picture and sound (no word on what codecs, although we expect nothing but the best considering the company has been mastering and restoring all releases in HD for years now), all the supplemental content and a matching (unspecified) price to their standard DVD editions. The complete email and list of a dozen movies follows after the break, along with a note that The Last Emperor will also be released in its original theatrical version on both formats for $39.95, while Walkabout will be an all-new edition.

In spite of the below story in which game retailers seems to be doing really well with the current industry-supported, voluntary rating system for videogames, Rep. Lee Terry (R-NE) and Jim Matheson (D-UT) introduced the Video Games Ratings Enforcement Act into the House of Representatives. If passed, the law would force retailers to check ID for those purchasing M-rated games.

Retailers caught selling M-rated titles to minors will be subjected to a $5,000 fine from the Federal Trade Commission.

Here’s some of what they said:

The Federal Trade Commission today released the results of its latest nationwide undercover shop of movie theaters and movie, music, and video game retailers, and game retailers are doing okay!

“With regard to M-rated video games, Game Stop rejected an impressive 94% of underage shoppers, while Wal-Mart and Best Buy spurned 80% of them. Some stores had very different results for different media. For example, while Best Buy rejected 80% of underage buyers of video games, it turned away underage shoppers for PAL music only 47% of the time, R-rated movie DVDs only 38% of the time, and Unrated movie DVDs only 17% of the time. Similarly, Target refused to sell M-rated games to underage buyers 71% of the time, but refused sales of PAL music only 40% of the time, R-rated movie DVDs only 35% of the time, and Unrated movie DVDs in only 23% of the cases.”

A certain, unnamed individual posted some pictures of the latest build of the iPhone firmware showing .Mac push e-mail. The picture shows the main Settings page with a new button: “Fetch new data.” When you click the button, you are taken to a list of your mail accounts, where you can choose between either “fetch” or “push.”

According to Mr. Anonymous, while .Mac is offering push e-mail, you are currently not able to do contact or calendar syncing.

Engadget continues to do their part in fueling the fire of rumors that we’ll see a second edition of the iPhone this summer. First they supposedly touched it themselves, then they nabbed some shape and spec hints, and now they’ve got yet another set of “leaked” photos, from a Chinese phone forum.

As usual, we have no idea if this is the real thing, a prototype, or just a little Photoshop fakery. The most obvious difference between what Engadget saw first and what’s posted here is the color on the back, but then again, why wouldn’t Apple release iPhones in different colors? They’ve certainly done that with iPods.

It looks like the reports of AT&T offering free Wi-Fi at their hotspots were not unfounded. Above you can see a new ‘Included Feature’ that AT&T is bundling with all their iPhone plans. Along with long distance calling, visual voicemail, call forwarding, 3-way calling and Caller ID you now get ‘Access to AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots.’ Not too shabby at all.

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