Looking forward to Mass Effect on the PC? You better be looking forward to re-validating your CD-Key every 10 days or you won’t be able to play it anymore.

Here is BioWare’s plan for copy protection:

“Mass Effect PC uses SecuROM which requires an online activation for the first time you play Mass Effect PC after installation. After the first activation, SecuROM requires that it re-check with the server within ten days in order to revalidate the CD key. If it can’t contact the server before the 10 days are up, the game still runs and it will re-check until it is successful. If the check is not successfully performed within the 10 day period, Mass Effect will not run until an online check is successful.”

On their unstoppable journey to break videogame and entertainment records, Rockstar has announced that they’ve sold 6 million copies equaling $500 million worth of Grand Theft Auto IV money.

Take Two stock has responded with an upward trend and will no doubt continue to rise above what Electronic Arts can offer for their takeover bid. Looks like we’ll have an EA-free GTA for a while, but for how long?

Amazon announced today that they will issue hundreds of out-of-print albums originally released through SONY BMG and EMI on CD through CreateSpace Disc on Demand. Formerly out-of-print albums like Earthquake Weather by Joe Strummer, Hatari Soundtrack by Henry Mancini and Motorcade of Generosity by Cake as well as albums from the legendary Blue Note catalog will now available to Amazon customers. The new CDs will be manufactured on-demand and shipped when customers place an order.

Nobody keeps a secret like AT&T, and by that I mean nobody keeps a secret quite so poorly. Boy Genius Report and other sites are talking up an internal Death Star memo that asks employees to hold down the fort during the June 15 – July 12 window. Vacations should be moved if possible, says management, and no additional vacations are being approved during that period. Since AT&T pulled a similar Mr. Burns-esque maneuver last year prior to the iPhone launch, it’s entirely reasonable to pin this year’s lockdown on the arrival of the 3G iPhone after WWDC. It’s probably not necessary to stake out your place in line just yet, unless you happen to be an elected official or have an injured knee from a previous iPhone queue. If you were planning an iPhone purchase in the next four weeks, however, this is some of the strongest evidence yet that you really should put your credit card down and think it through.

It is really easy to use the tab key to select different parts of the window and different buttons in a dialog box, if you know how to enable this behavior.

Open System Preferences > Mouse and Keyboard, and click the “Keyboard Shortcuts” tab. You are presented with two options at the bottom of the window (in the “Full keyboard access” section): Text boxes and lists only or All controls. By default, “Text boxes and lists” should be selected, but if you want to be able to select other buttons in a window with the tab key then you need to select the “All controls” option.

Word is out: new versions of the iPhone SDK and firmware are available for download. Word about the details are still trickling in from developers. This is Apple’s fifth beta release since the iPhone SDK was released in March. There’s just under a week left until the end of the Apple Design Awards submission period. No word if iPhone developers who submitted under earlier firmware will be able to re-submit outside the 72 hour period that Apple allots for “re-dos”. This is a smaller download (just over 1 GB).

Kennsington announced two new external batteries for the iPhone. The standard battery pack and charger is a larger stand-alone battery that connects to the iPhone via a dock cable and offers “playing time up to 100 hours of music; 21 hours of video; 6 hours of talk.” Personally, however, I find the smaller mini battery pack (pictured right) more intriguing since it simply plugs into the dock connector and offers up to 3 hours extra talk time.

The standard battery pack is available for $69.99 while the mini battery pack is $49.99.

(Source:┬á TUAW) A little birdie flew into TUAW Headquarters (read: Scott’s Philadelphia apartment) this morning. In fact, he flew all the way from Australia to tell us that Vodafone will not be the exclusive carrier in Australia.

“What’s that, little bird?” we asked. He said that Aussie carriers will have their own plans and deals, and that unlocked iPhones will be sold at Apple Stores.

Now, we can’t substantiate the bird’s accuracy (though he did say “G’Day” and “mate” several times), but considering the announcement that Italy will have two carriers, we aren’t dismissing it out-of-pocket, either.

Who among us didn’t want to start a career in illegal computer hacking after watching the movie Wargames (and who actually did)? You can fulfill your cyber crime fantasies with Uplink, Ambrosia Software’s corporate hacking game.

You play as a covert agent hired to gain information from rival companies’ computers. As you go, you earn money to upgrade your own equipment, gain deeper access and more.

I only played briefly, but I had fun. Ambrosia released verison 1.6.0 earlier this week, which is a Universal Binary. Other changes include

  • Updated game content
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