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Former Pink Floyd leader Roger Waters is asking fans to help him find his pig.

No, not some farm animal that ran away, but the giant inflatable pig got untied and floated away during his headlining set last Sunday night at Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival.

Coachella promoters are offering a $10,000 and four lifetime festival tickets in exchange for the safe return of the two-story swine, which featured slogans like “Don’t Be Led To The Slaughter” and “Obama” next to a check mark emblazoned upon it.

Anyone with information about the pig’s whereabouts can contact festival organizers at lostpig@coachella.com.

Turns out that Radiohead’s pay-what-you-want pricing plan for the original digi release of In Rainbows was just a one-off experiment.

It was a pivotal moment for the music industry which many thought sounded the death knell for recorded music sales, but Radiohead won’t be repeating their decision to let fans choose what to pay for their downloads, frontman Thom Yorke told the Hollywood Reporter.

“I think it was a one-off response to a particular situation,” leader Thom Yorke told Billboard.com, referring to the state of panic the music business was in at the time (well, they still are…) due to the recent slump in retail sales.

In an effort to give fans a special treat and give the finger to scalpers, Nine Inch Nails will be offering fans a limited number of pre-sale killer seats via its website before tickets go on sale to the general public.

These special tickets will go on sale at www.nin.com 72 hours before the official on-sale date. Pre-sales are expected to begin Wednesday with the band’s Lexington, Kentucky, show.

Much like crew of the Starship Enterprise, the roles played by employees at Apple Retail stores will be identifiable by the color of their shirts.

Now, before you confuse the guys in blue shirts for science officers and those in red for security, we’ll explain how it’s going to work. According to a post at ifoAppleStore, Geniuses and Creatives will wear dark blue. Specialists will wear light blue, and the Concierge will wear orange.

For more than 25 years, one name has stood for quality television entertainment; one name has represented the finest in Hollywood production values and narrative standards. One name… and that name is Norman Lear. Since he’s not available, it’s my duty to report that the guilty pleasure of classic TV — Stephen J. Cannell — has now placed a big chunk of his delightfully down-n-dirty oevure on the iTunes store for your downloading and viewing enjoyment.


Engadget got their hands on one of the newly released iMacs (the 3.06GHz model, to be exact) and they have put it through its paces. Using XBench, and running Leopard, they compare the new iMac to a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, and a previous gen iMac. The new iMac bests the rest of the competition in almost all categories. Check out the post for the full results, and scope out the unboxing pictures while you’re at it.

Everyone seems to think that Apple will be announcing a 3G iPhone this coming June, so now it is time to start rumormongering about something else. Fortune is reporting that, according to sources close to the story, AT&T is planning on taking a $200 hit on every iPhone sold (with a 2 year contract, of course). That’s right, AT&T is going to knock off $200 on the 3G iPhone to ensure that everyone and their toddlers have (and use all the wonderful features that AT&T’s network has to offer) an iPhone or two in their pocket.

If the native hackability of the version of OS X on the Apple TV isn’t enough for you, there’s now a convenient boot loader that allows you to install linux. This also opens up the possibility of running linux based video software, particularly MPlayer, Myth TV, and XMBC. Further, since there are linux drivers for the NVIDIA hardware decoder in the Apple TV there’s also the possibility of higher resolution 1080i output as opposed to the 720p it’s normally limited to.

Unfortunately, this is project is still in the early stages and none of this is working perfectly yet. Nonetheless, it’s a interesting development on the Apple TV hacking front.

A MacRumors tipster has discovered a treat for iPhone users from AT&T. It would seem that AT&T is offering free wireless internet access via an iPhone in Starbucks (we posted about the Starbucks-AT&T deal a little while ago) as well as in Barnes and Nobles and 71,000 other locations.

MacRumors notes that you must enter your mobile iPhone number as a means of verification. A picture of the portal home page is available on MacRumors.

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