Ah, Mac. I’m still only just getting to know you.At first glance everything is so wonderfully intuitive. Then the problems happen.Got an issue with mac “backup.” At first glance, this program was my dream come true. It promised that I could schedule the backup of a specified folder on a specified drive to a destination of my choice. The best part — each time I wanted to run the backup, it would be intelligent enough to deduce what new files had been added to the source folder since the previous backup — and copy ONLY those new files to the archive.When you have a 500gig source drive as I do, this is a godsend. No longer would I have to back up each little file myself. At long last the program would be able to do it for me. (Easy example being itunes. I keep my itunes library on an external drive. Every so often I consolidate itunes from my main system, adding new files to the drive every few weeks. Every few months, I want to backup my itunes library – instead of backing up the ENTIRE damn drive every single time, I was hoping backup would be smart enough to know what files are new to the source drive since the previous backup was made, and copy only those new files to the archive.)And yet, it seems that backup insists on making a FULL archive of my source drive every single time I attempt a backup. It refers to these secondary files as “incremental backups” but they are identical to the “full backups” in every way. Once more, the compressed files seem to take up more space than the uncompressed files.And then I installed Leopard. Perhaps the installation confused backup. Perhaps I’m supposed to now use “Time Machine.” Sadly this requires me to reformat my backup drive. Kinda defeats the purpose when you already have one, but I suppose I can understand this. Sigh. I just want to backup my new files. Anyone have a solid method they use or any recommendations?

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