Awesomely-titled company Gamecock Media Group announced today that they have launched a new, revamped Mushroom Men website packed with new information about Red Fly Studio’s Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars for Wii and Mushroom Men: Rise of The Fungi for Nintendo DS. Best of all, the site features original music by Les Claypool (Primus, South Park theme) that will be used in-game.

“Getting Les Claypool involved with Mushroom Men has always been a dream scenario! Having him on board and collaborating with everyone is a really exciting time for the project,” said Red Fly Studio co-Founder and Art Director Kris Taylor. “Now with the new website up and running, we hope people can really come and get a vibe for what we are creating with the Mushroom Men universe.”

Today Blockbuster offered to buy Circuit City Stores for at least $6.00 per share in cash.

But they didn’t make the offer via a stealthy series of secret meetings. They made it in public, via a press release distributed widely.

Say Blockbuster: “Unfortunately, Circuit City has failed to provide due diligence necessary to allow Blockbuster to make a definitive proposal. Blockbuster is making its proposal public because it believes the shareholders of Circuit City should have the opportunity to participate in determining the destiny of the company. In addition, as Blockbuster has other strategic opportunities, its offer is conditioned upon timely commencement of the due diligence process.”

Microsoft has announced the two Xbox Live Arcade titles set to release this Wednesday.

Battlezone, a graphically-enhanced version of the original game that features “Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.” Support for the Xbox Live Vision Camera is also in. The game will run 400 MS Points.

Rocky & Bullwinkle is a collection of over 100 “micro games” based on the classic television show. “Eight playable characters from Frostbite Falls are back in the living room, including Rocky, Bullwinkle, Boris, Natasha, Dudley Do-Right and many more. Rocky & Bullwinkle features five difficulty settings, as well as support for up to 12 players in local hot-seat mode.”

The Wii version of Rock Band will ship with extra songs already included which Is hardly a consolation for the fact that there is no way to download new songs, or unlock anything that’s not already in the game. boo. However, the list is not altogether shabby. Here she is:

- “Dirty Little Secret” – The All-American Rejects
- “Don’t Look Back in Anger” – Oasis
- “Roam” – The B-52’s
- “Rockaway Beach” – The Ramones
- “Roxanne” – The Police

Sure, the iPhone is cool looking, works out a lot, and is really good at math… but it can’t do VoIP, can it? Well, yes it can — and you can, thanks to a company called Fring and a piece of ingenious software (for jailbreakers only). Using the native app, it’s now possible to place and receive calls via your WiFi connection, thus making AT&T CEOs cry like little babies. Besides doing Skype and the like, the app also lets you connect for chats via MSN Messenger, ICQ, GTalk, SIP, Twitter, AIM, and Yahoo!, which should make this an attractive package even if you don’t want to harness the raw power of IP telephony. You can get the application for free by loading up Installer with the company’s repo.

According to a recent posting on Phillip Elmer-DeWitt’s Apple 2.0 column over at CNN, JPMorgan analyst Mark Moskowitz has issued a “cautiously optimistic” report on Apple based primarily on “stronger-than-expected” MacBook sales” for the quarter ending in March. According to Moskowitz, computer sales usually fall-off after Christmas, but Apple has actually had a sales increase — albeit a small one at only 0.2%.

However, that increase is still better than sales for other PC’s, which according to the report, fell 9% in the same quarter. In spite of the sales increase, there still may be other issues that have an effect on Apple’s bottom line this year. According to Moskowicz, there may be some difficulty for Apple if the company is not able to deliver a 3G iPhone by Summer.




(Source:              Was speaking to a casting director friend today, and we got onto the topic of Owen Wilson – that led to a discussion about “The Greatest American Hero” movie, which Wilson’s name has been linked to several times over the years.

“Not anymore”, she said when asked whether the sad clown was still the frontrunner to play Ralph Hinkley in the upcoming film version. “They’re casting it for now – they’re open to an unknown”.

According to my friend-who-should-know, the film is quite different to the original series – not in tone, just in details. It’s still very much a comedy.

Ollie Johnston, the last surviving animator of Disney’s famed Nine Old Men, passed away today April 14, 2008. Johnston worked for the Mouse House from 1935 to 1978, working as an animator on such classics as SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS, FANTASIA, BAMBI and PINOCCHIO. He last worked on THE RESCUERS, a film for which he was caricatured as the cat Rufus.

Along with longtime friend and collaborator Frank Thomas, Johnston co-authored the seminal animation reference book THE ILLUSION OF LIFE, which is used as an animation textbook in schools around the globe. Johnston’s friendship and partnership with Thomas was warmly chronicled in the 1995’s documentary FRANK AND OLLIE, directed by Frank’s son Theodore.

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