Engadget posted about some information they received from the ZiPhone folks. According to ZiPhone, they have spotted some code in the new iPhone 2.0 beta software that suggests Apple will use the Infineon 3G chipset. The code mentions “SGOLD3,” which is a series of chips that Infineon produces. iPhone currently uses the S-GOLD2 EDGE chipset.

S-GOLD3H, also known as “PMB8878,” supports 7.2Mbps HSDPA and has built-in acceleration and media playback features (which, incidentally, the iPhone already has and does well). This chip also includes a higher resolution camera, 5 mega-pixels instead of a 2. Engadget notes that the processor speed stays the same.

Adobe has dropped updates for both Lightroom and Camera Raw. According to the Lightroom team’s blog, the updates include all the changes of the previous releases, but also correct a few issues. Lightroom 1.4.1 will keep the EXIF time date field of images from being incorrectly modified, and has fixes for Olympus JPEG files and also DNG conversion. And the Camera Raw plugin update also fixes the EXIF problem as well as the Olympus JPEG features.

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A alumna in the film department at the University of Utah was escorted out of the Art Building after she instigated an argument with one of the advisers in the program, claiming that George Lucas had control of her thoughts and ideas.

Police officers were dispatched to the building after Darci Berg, the executive secretary in the division of film studies, told them a student who was seeking counseling had turned delusional and highly confrontational. The female student, whose name was not released, told Berg she was concerned that the film department was using her past work inappropriately in the program, adding that she was being slandered by the staff members in the film department about her mental state and past.

John Macneill is a kickass 3D illustrator whose work frequently appears Popular Science and other national magazines. He also contributes to the Turbo Squid 3D model site. Recently In 2002 he uploaded his model of a WWII B-24 Bomber to Turbo Squid. Lockeed Martin came across it and yesterday it wrongfully (illegally?) used the DMCA to force Turbo Squid to remove the file.

Bad buzz. Creative infighting. Superhero gridlock at the multiplex. For Marvel Studios, handling gamma rays is starting to look like a cakewalk compared to turning “The Incredible Hulk” into a movie franchise.

The unjolly green giant, born from a botched gamma bomb experiment in a 1962 comic book, belongs to an elite class of superhero. In Marvel’s stable of characters, which includes the X-Men and the Silver Surfer, only Spider-Man outsells him. The Hulk, along with his emotionally withdrawn alter ego, Dr. Bruce Banner, has spawned television shows, theme-park rides and best-selling toys.

Paramount’s “Iron Man” is sure to be the next picture to unspool with 4,000-plus engagements when the comic book actioner launches the boxoffice summer on May 2. With major releases playing on three or more screens in many multiplexes, the actual screen count for the Robert Downey Jr. starrer could see a screen count twice as big as its playdates.

Interestingly, if “Iron Man” plays well throughout May, that might make it tough for the studio to reach the 4,000-theater benchmark with its May 23 tentpole, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.” Knowledgeable industryites realize that would have zero impact on how the Indy sequel bows, but it could make for some awkward conversations between Par brass and the film’s helmer, Steven Spielberg.

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