A couple of interesting studies were released recently that underscore what you may have suspected all along: Violent videogames don’t cause violence; messed-up families do.

The March issue of Criminal Justice and Behavior printed an article citing two studies. The first indicates that players of non-violent videogames (in this case Myst(!) and players of violent games (Medal of Honor: Allied Assault) were equally aggressive. Meaning: Violence in games doesn’t add to real life violence.

The second study concludes:

Yesterday, the Wii version of Rock Band got a release date (June 22), but some new details have surfaced about the port.

Unfortunately, as we suspected, the 5 bonus tracks are a replacement for DLC, which the Wii version will not have. Also lost in the port is online play.

Also, it’s looking likely that Rock Band Wii will not be able to use the Guitar Hero III controller.

Harmonix also hinted that band customization and the Band World Tour mode might not make it in as well.

The Beijing government has released “most wanted” photographs of suspects captured on film during the recent Tibet riots and carried on Chinese versions of Yahoo! and MSN, prompting further criticism of the role international webcos play in tracking down dissidents.The “most wanted” also ran on Chinese portals such as Sina.com and news.qq.com along with a hotline for informants to call. Of the 24 named in the manhunt list, two have already been caught.

These sites have not come under the widening restrictions on Internet use in China, which has played havoc with email access, as well as shutting down sites related to last week’s Tibetan riots.

Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe’s epic battle to determine Donkey Kong supremacy, The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, is going to be broadcast on television exclusively on G4TV (DirecTV channel 354) starting June 1st.

The King of Kong delivers an amazing look at the human aspect of the video game phenomenon,” said John Rieber, Senior Vice President, Programming and Production, G4. “This is the ultimate underdog tale for the G4 audience, gamers and non-gamers alike.”

I’ve seen the film and highly recommend it.

So who do you think stands to lose the most if satellite companies Sirius and MX merge?

If you guessed Clear Channel, the nation’s biggest radio station owner, you’d be right. After all, the expansion of satellite could put an end to the already struggling business of terrestrial radio….and that has Clear Channel shaking in it big, evil boots.

So how is the Clear One reacting to the Department of Justice’s approval of the merger? By demanding that satellite clean up their act so they can’t be edgier than what regular, boring ol’ radio has to offer. In other words, “if the FCC is gonna regulate us, then they should regulate them too!”

For reasons we can’t possibly begin to understand, these products were rejected for Star Wars merchandising including ‘Bantha Slippers‘ and ‘Princess Leia Headphones’. Check out the full list at Action Figure Insider.

DLC and microtransactions are here to stay, but what do they do for companies? How much DLC are people buying and how much money is it making the publisher?

Next-Gen.biz has a great article with graphs and everything. They look at Rock Band and Guitar Hero III and mostly examine how much DLC gamers are buying over time.

They briefly mention, though, that Guitar Hero III has released free DLC and that will definitely skew the data, but at the end of the day, DLC looks to be here to stay.

If you’re a Netflix subscriber who is waiting for some movies to arrive today, you might have to wait a little longer than usual. A technical glitch caused the mighty Netflix machine to stall yesterday, shutting down the website for a couple of hours and causing some shipments to be delayed from yesterday to today.

No one is sure how it happened, but we suspect hijinks. Shenanigans, if you will. Jackanapes are at it again. 23 Skidoo!

Carbon Copy Cloner has also long been a great, low cost option for cloning hard disks in OS X. Mike Bombich has now released version 3.1 of CCC implementing rsync 3.0.0 “to provide even greater fidelity when backing up using the ‘Copy selected items’ backup method.” Other improvements includes an updated interface and various bugfixes, etc.

Carbon Copy Cloner is a free download from Bombich Software (donation requested).

If you were planning to buy an iPhone at one of the three New York Apple Stores, then you might be out of luck. According to The Huffington Post, the SoHo, 59th Street (5th Avenue Store), and new W 14th Street locations are all sold out of this hot little phone.

At the 59th Street store, an Apple employee was quoted saying, “You can always go online.” So, if you are looking for an iPhone in NY, you might be left only two options: AT&T stores, or Apple’s online store.

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