The new product is BLOW, a white powder that gets mixed in with 16oz of water and tastes like pixie sticks. It’s guaranteed to get your heart pumping all while looking like illegal drugs. The website touts it as “Pure Uncut Energy” (and apparently the content on the site is “Adult Oriented”).

It even comes in a package that probably didn’t make it through customs without some confusion. And its available in various quantities: “Stash Box Sampler Pack” ($9.99); “12 Vial Brick” ($36); “Recreational User Pack” ($72); and “Fiender’s Hookup” ($199)

Another week and another set of games that will be released to the masses! This week’s releases are:

Just as many of you thought the Mac mini would die off in favor of a new class of consumer Macs, the rumor mill starts up again. AppleInsider is reporting that the Mac mini may receive an upgrade — and fairly soon, too.

According to AppleInsider, the Mac mini may receive the following upgrades:

  • 45-nanometer Core 2 Duo mobile chips starting at 2.1Ghz
  • 800MHz front-side bus
  • Stepped-up Intel graphics processor (comparable to the one in the consumer MacBook)

AppleInsider remains speculative on a release date, but they’re sure of the forthcoming upgrade. They go on to say that “Penryn-3M-based systems reportedly remained within the engineering build stage as of mid-month.”

Roughly Drafted has a nice, long analysis of the iPhone as a gaming device, and they hit on a lot of great reasons why the iPhone seems destined to be a great gaming platform. Not only will it have the hardware chops to play games (including a few input devices that no other handheld gaming consoles have ever had), but Apple’s SDK implementation, when it finally gets off the ground in June anyway, seems poised to let almost anyone develop any game ideas they have for the device.

(Source: TUAW)   Here’s a clever concept that I would never have dreamed up myself in a million years: iTunes ringtone podcasts! The idea is this: you subscribe to podcast that delivers ringtones to iTunes and allows you to sync them directly to your iPhone. I gave it a try, downloading one “episode” and sure enough it was immediately available for iPhone syncing. There aren’t a lot of ringtones at this point — just variations on the teen/mosquito high-frequency buzz — but as a proof of concept, it’s very neat indeed. Hopefully others will pick up this idea and run with it. I’m not a big ringtone aficionado personally but I know a lot of people will love this — especially for well chosen ringtones sampled from real life.

When Terminator 4 was announced, the title was obviously way too long. Who wants to see Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins cluttering up a marquee? So it was no surprise when the title was recently changed. What did they come up with? Terminator: Return of the Terminator.

Wow. Obviously the result of a good old brainstorming sesh at the studio when the writers were out on strike.

First of all, is there really a big need to use the word Terminator twice? Do they already know this is going straight to the video store, so they want to make sure people can find it in the “T” section? Return of the Terminator would be dull, but not terrible. Except that to the 5 billion people who saw the first three, no matter how many other robots pop up, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the Terminator. And he’s not in it. Absence of the Terminator? That probably wouldn’t fill seats.

“They’re editing this film as though it was a cartoon,” explained Christina Ricci, who plays Trixie. “There isn’t a film that’s been edited in this particular way.”

The “Matrix” masterminds have developed top-secret technology and effects to keep both the foreground and background in focus at all times, creating a 2-D look reminiscent of the classic cartoon. “With this movie, they’re layering, layering, layering,” Ricci explained. “They’re layering these 2-D images in order to create depth, and that allows you to just sweep one image across the screen, the way that a cartoon does. It allows you to edit in a style that’s never been seen before, and they’re also using digital effects that no one has seen before. It’s just crazy.”

(Source:                   The world of feature animation — once thought to be the exclusive domain of Disney and DreamWorks — is getting increasingly competitive, as studios left outside the gates of the toon kingdom are employing aggressive tactics to break in.

With the successful bow of “Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who,” Fox Animation reaffirms its place in the top tier, thanks to a string of hits from its Blue Sky CGI studio, capped by “Horton.”

The other studios are jockeying to join that select crowd.


French film pioneer Georges Melies gets his due in a deluxe five-disc set that covers 173 early features, from 1896 to 1913.
Charlie Chaplin once described him as the “alchemist of light.” Silent-movie pioneer D.W. Griffith claimed to owe him “everything.”

French filmmaker Georges Méliès was a visionary who brought adventure, fun and magic to the screen when cinema was in its infancy. More than a century later, his fantasy and sci-fi classics, such as “A Trip to the Moon,” which features the indelible scene of a rocket hitting the eye of a moon face, still enthrall audiences.

(Source:   If you’ve watched “The Lord of the Rings” or many other visual effects-driven Hollywood films, you have seen Massive Software’s 3-D animation software at work.
The New Zealand company’s technology is the reason why the hordes of orcs and warriors who cross swords in the screen versions of J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic tales do so in such a remarkably lifelike, non-uniform way.

The software allows developers and designers to give 3-D characters — dubbed “agents” in Massive’s parlance — the ability to react to their surroundings based on factors including sight, touch and hearing. When scaled into a crowd, the agents interact with each other, creating a more realistic result.

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