The arrival this June of an enterprise-friendly iPhone is exciting to more than just business users. Doctors, too, are eyeing Apple’s handheld and wondering if it could kill off the old-fashioned clipboard and X-ray light box once and for all.

“If you could use the gesture-based way of manipulating images on the iPhone and actually manipulate a stack of X-rays or CT scans, that would be a huge selling point,” says Adam Flanders, director of informatics at Thomas Jefferson University and an expert in medical imaging.

Last we checked we actually weren’t in the Twilight Zone, but quite frankly, the bigwigs at Gibson just might be. Seemingly out of nowhere, the famed guitar manufacturer sparked up a lawsuit against Activision claiming that Guitar Hero titles violate one of its patents. Now the company appears to be on the warpath, suing Wal-Mart, Target, GameStop, Amazon, Toys ‘R’ Us and Kmart in an attempt to get the game off of store shelves. Reportedly, Gibson took “this action reluctantly, but is required to protect its intellectual property.” For the retailers that did comment, they chimed in only to say “we aren’t commenting,” and judging by the looks of things, the games are still widely available — for now.

“Come and follow Mii”, emplores the cartoonish representaion of our lord and savior. Yeah right, like I’m gonna be suckered into that one again. Eurogamer did some digging and found that Mission Bay Community Church in San Francisco is using a Jesus Mii to advertise its Easter celebrations.

Now while Mission Bay Church may be a bit unorthodox, seeing how they play music and serve coffee to entice visitors, but we can promise you, they will not allow you to play Wii during the sermon. Probably not even a DS with headphones either. That, in itself, is an insult to the son of god. I know for a fact Jesus loves the Wii, he plays on my baseball team all the time.

For those who mourn the end of such HBO classics as The Sopranos and Six Feet Under, rejoice! Bob Odenkirk and David Cross are returning to the cable network with a new show called David’s Situation, their first collaboration on TV since Mr. Show.

The show will focus on David Cross, as himself, living in an apartment with an ultra conservative and a crazy hippie. In short, it sounds like a cross between The Sarah Silverman Program and The Young Ones…starring David Cross…and written by Bob and David. It’s perfect in its construction.

Check out this amazing light-up Xbox 360 controller mod…perfect for old school Arcade games!

iPhone hacker Niacin has just released his version of iBooter. Running on Mac, Windows and Linux, iBooter offers an interactive diagnostic and customization tool that talks directly with Apple’s iPhone bootloader. With it you can set environmental variables, write a custom picture to the display (faboo if you’re tired of that USB plug and the iTunes logo), run USB commands and diagnose why, for example, your iPhone isn’t booting correctly.Full installation instructions are available at the iBooter website as well as downloads for all three platforms. If you need to send commands directly to the baseband, iBooter is the tool you’ve been looking for.

If you were one of those people who were excited that Adobe was going to apparently fight to get Flash on the iPhone, get ready to be unexcited: Adobe has decided that despite what they thought earlier, they’re not actually going to be able to get Flash on there using only the SDK from Apple. Nope, Adobe has admitted that they need Apple’s help to get it working (not a big surprise there), and since Apple isn’t really keen to help at all, odds are it’s just not going to happen.

Sony Pictures Imageworks used Maya to make the promo Inspire about Chicago Spire, the world’s tallest all-residential building, opening in 2011.

What was Sony Pictures Imageworks doing recently at Autodesk’s World Press Days in San Francisco, which is a conference dedicated to the non-entertainment sectors? Presenting its four-minute promotional short, Inspire, which was made with Maya to convey the holistic beauty of the Chicago Spire: the spiral structure designed by famed Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava. When completed in 2011, the Spire would be the world’s tallest all-residential building (soaring 2,000 feet with 150 floors).

Take a look:

Several blog sites are reporting that Justin Wright, who had been with Pixar in the story department for just more than a year, has died at age 27 from a heart attack.

His Pacific Union College alumni profile details Wright’s journey to Pixar and his ultimately life-ending struggle with heart problems on Tuesday evening.

While in the hospital revering from a heart transplant at age 12, Wright drew pictures, something his doctor at Stanford’s Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital took note of, and took him on a Pixar tour.

(Source:       EA’s global head of talent brand Matthew Jeffrey is convinced that games now outrank film as the top career choice for the brightest creatives.

Turn back the clock even a few years and remember how film was seen as the glamorous career destination for top talent. Film professionals saw gaming as that awkward cousin in entertainment. Frustrated by the constraints of last gen consoles, CG Supervisors, VFX artists, audio engineers, producers and script writers saw their natural home as film and laughed in the face of gaming as the preserve of the geeky young male playing in their bedroom.

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