A report by Macrovision says that only 5% of video downloaders ever watch their new content on a television and that only 10% even have a desire to do so. The study surveyed 2,254 adults in the US last December and…wait! 2,254 people? Can this really be a representative sample? Seems a little low.

Common sense indicates that because of annoying DRM and a gap in technical knowledge (let’s face it, the average Joe doesn’t even know how to take a download and get it to his TV,) hardly anyone does this and people aren’t losing sleep over it. Display technology between TVs and computer monitors is starting to all bleed into one industry, so apart from the quality of the initial download, there shouldn’t be a measurable difference in the picture or sound.

Retired Columbia University Professor Gertrude Neumark Rothschild has filed a complaint against Sony, Samsung, Nokia, and almsot 30 other companies for their use of light-emitting and laser diodes over which she claims to have patent.

Since Rothschild complained to the US International Trade Comission, this has the potential to stop all international sales from these companies until or unless they settle with the kindly old lady.

There is precedent in this case, as Rothschild already filed a suit against Philips and other companies which was settled out of court. Yes the format war may be over, but there is a chance that one day we will all have to pay a little old lady royalties to watch 300 on a Blu-Ray disc.

Full list of companies named in the complaint is below:

In case you’ve been living in deep space for the past few months, you’ve missed that Futurama still has life as Groening and Cohen are still collaborating on a lengthy movie series, that will be, for now, straight to video and straight to Comedy Central in installments.

The second film, The Beast with a Billion Backs, will be available for purchase in June and the first one, Bender’s Big Score, will be happening in installments on Comedy Central later this month.Katy Sagal’s imdb reveals the titles and timeline for the next few films as well:

Today Mac OS X hints offers an easily overlooked internationalization hint. You’re probably well aware of the trick where you hold down an iPhone button on the keyboard to view accented variations on the letter being tapped. What you might not have know about was the regional domains. In settings, choose General > Keyboards and enable some of those international keyboards.Next go to Safari and start to enter a new URL. Tap the globe to switch the active keyboard from US English to some other nationality. (French is shown here.) Finally, tap and hold the .com button. After a second, a regionalized version of .com appears just to the left of the default.

For a short moment Thursday, millions of Californians were in danger of facing pat-downs at the airport and being blocked from federal buildings come May 11.

In a Tuesday letter (.pdf) to Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff, the head of California’s DMV said that while California had already applied for and gotten an extension on the Real ID deadline, it wasn’t actually committing to complying with Real ID rules by 2010. That’s when states who ask for extension have to begin issuing driver’s licenses and state IDs that comply with the federal rules.

Come May 11 this year, South Carolina, Montana, New Hampshire and Maine residents without passports may not be allowed into federal buildings and the lines at Hartsfield-Atlanta airport could stretch to Alabama, according to federal rules designed to morph state driver’s licenses in a national identification card that were released Friday.The Department of Homeland Security announced the final regulations Friday that implementing the Real ID act, legislation that requires states to standardize their driver’s licenses, forces current license holders to re-apply with certified copies of birth certificates and marriage licenses, and penalizes states that don’t comply by making their licenses unacceptable for federal purposes, such as entering Federal buildings. Without any hearings, the measure was slipped into a must-pass military spending bill in 2005 by Congressman James Sensenbrenner (R-WI).

Nine Inch Nails is pleased to announce the expansion of the Ghosts project into the visual world. The band has teamed up with YouTube to host a “film festival” around Ghosts. The concept is for you to take whatever tracks you feel inspired by and create what you feel should accompany them visually. You will be able to see all of the submissions, and a team (including Trent) will be sorting through them and setting aside ones they feel are exceptional. Eventually (within a couple of months?) we hope to present a virtual “film festival” with Trent and some special guests presenting selections of your work.

Watch the video introduction from Trent below, then visit the group at youtube.com/group/ninghosts to view entries or submit your own.

YouTube Preview Image

 YouTube Preview Image

1. Animate an “in rainbows” song

2. The winner chosen by Radiohead

3. Details at www.aniboom.com

 YouTube Preview Image

A group of super fans made there own version of Star Wars : Episode 4 as part of the YouTube “Be Kind Rewind” contest with cardboard props, KFC helmets and a Bobby McFerrin inspired soundtrack. The film makers have also posted a Visual Dictionary of props storyboards and designs that really adds to the whole experience. Click on the picture below to see more.

While negotiations for China may have gone cold, its nearby neighbor Singapore may already have lined up its iPhone launch months in advance, claims Channel NewsAsia.

The southeast Asian publication cites industry contacts who are reportedly aware that the city-state’s primary carrier, SingTel, has “more or less sealed the deal” and will offer the phone in September for about $690 in Singapore dollars, or $497 US.

In a departure from its traditional model, however, Apple may allegedly drop its usual demand for a revenue-sharing model in the face of resistance from SingTel. Instead, the iPhone maker may opt for a scheme more familiar to cellphones, where the up-front price of the phone is subsidized by the carrier but the monthly revenues are that carrier’s alone.

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