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Well, what do you know? TiVo’s delivering as promised with this one, as Desktop Plus 2.6 is indeed going live in March — just like we were told back in January (and nary a week after TiVo promised YouTube access later this year). Truth be told, there’s not a whole lot here that you didn’t already get a taste of in our hands-on at CES, but here’s the skinny. As of today, TiVo users can grab hold of the latest version of Desktop (Windows only, we’re afraid) and “enjoy a broad range of web entertainment available directly from their TV.” More specifically, these customers “can choose web videos downloaded on the home PC using web browsers, RSS video clients such as iTunes podcasts, or other video download software to automatically copy to their TiVo DVR’s Now Playing List alongside recorded broadcast and cable TV shows.” In case you couldn’t tell, Desktop Plus 2.6 can be downloaded today for a one-time fee of $24.95, but consider that waived if you’re upgrading from an earlier version.

The title pretty much says it all here, folks. Just a few months after SlySoft revealed a beta of its AnyDVD HD software which obliterated BD+, v6.4.0.0 has finally arrived and proudly possesses the ability to “remove BD+ protection from Blu-ray Discs.” Among the other changes is an option to enable / disable BD+ removal, a fix for seeing a black display with some BD discs and other minor DVD-related tweaks. Brimming with excitement? Hit up the read link below — your next download awaits.

The Justice League film, now entitled Justice League: Mortal, won’t be eligible for a tax credit of 40% that films get for having a significant Australian involvement, even though the director of the film, George Miller, and two of the stars, Megan Gale and Teresa Palmer, are Australian. The government is saying that, since the film is being made for an American audience, and is an American story with American accents, it’s not sufficiently Australian for the tax credit.

YouTube Preview Image

Who needs a movie? Are you an artist or a tradesperson? Why not jazz up your web site? What about animation?

YouTube Preview Image

Nathan Filion and Neil Patrick Harris will star in Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, a superhero musical blog from the mind of Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon. Self-described as something that Whedon and his brother came up with during the writers’ strike, it will be, presumably, released in several parts online.

The plot has to do with a ‘low-rent superhero’ and the girl from the local laundromat that he’s into. Also promised is a cast of dozens. Given Whedon’s success with the musical episode of Buffy, which still airs at movie theaters across the country as a midnight cult hit, we are pretty encouraged that this will be a fun time. Especially given NPH’s involvement. Damn, Doogie can sing.

A poster on the NeoGaf forums has revealed what they say are the first ever shots of Guitar Hero On Tour, the Nintendo DS version of the popular rhythm game.

It apparently works with a snap-on attachment that connects through the Gameboy port to give you buttons, and a pick they provide for strumming on the screen. Looks like it multiplayer as well.

Very, very snazzy.

There’s a video, too! Check it out!

Intel has experienced a significant breakthrough in wi-fi tech. They’ve jazzed up, or rather, greatly simplified, the software in their long-range wi-fi routers so that the bandwidth isn’t eaten up by unnecessary confirmation signals. They’ve been able to extend the signal as far as 60 miles and only have trouble beyond that due to the curvature of the Earth.

The technology is extremely cheap because the hardware already exists and has low-power needs making it easily juiced by solar panels. An urban area with a hard cable connection will be able to communicate with rural areas, where running ground wires is impractical, for around $1000 by purchasing two of the units.

Engadget has gotten their grubby paws on the yet-to-be released iPhone 2.0 beta, which isn’t officially due until this June. It isn’t exactly awash with changes, but here’s what you need to know:

  • Exchange is so on! Changes are pushed over the network, but over WiFi it does check-ins, so it’s not as instantaneous.
  • There’s no contact search that we can see, so far. Maybe that only gets turned on if you have thousands of contacts (which we definitely do not).
  • There’s a new button in the calendar, but we don’t know what it is and can’t make it do anything.
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