(Source: moreffects.blogspot.com)                 After responding to probably a hundred e-mails, being a guest speaker at various schools, and having taught at Gnomon, Academy of Art San Francisco, Expression Center for New Media, and SIGGRAPH, I’ve come to realize that all students seek the same information: they want the truth about the value of their education. They want an honest and experienced person to critique their work. But most of all, more than anything else, they want a job, and they want to know how to get it.

Director Chris Carter, producer Frank Spotnitz and actor David Duchovny recently held a production wrap press conference for the city of Vancouver where the trio have been stationed with a crew lensing this summer’s new X-Files film. There, Duchovny explained this display of affection was staged for photographers (uh-huh) and Carter revealed the story picks up six years after the end of the long-running series.

“We’re not doing an exercise in nostalgia to appeal to the fans of the show,” Spotnitz, who also serves as co-writer, said. “We saw this as an opportunity to introduce the characters to people who may have been too young. It has a reason for being, even if there’d never been a television show before.” For more, click here.

[Editor's Note: If you're in the industry and interested in becoming a member, feel free to contact me]

The new membership cycle is underway.

VES is now accepting applications for the Spring membership cycle. If you know a colleague with at least five years of experience in the visual effects industry who would make a great addition to the Society, ask them to visit the VES website to get all the information they need to fill out and submit an application. All applications need to be completed by April 1st 2008.

In a chat with Newsweek director George Miller discussed – well, everything but the one film we want to know about, the long-gestating “Justice League” – an upcoming “Mad Max” video game he has in the works, as well as the film series it inspired and whether or not he’ll still do the fourth “Max” pic.

A computer scientist at University College London (UCL) has developed new algorithms which can quickly add indirect light to computer simulated scenes. According to UCL, ‘Dr Jan Kautz has developed a fast method that models the path of light as it bounces off surfaces.’ His new algorithms have the potential to make computer games seem more realistic. Helped by a grant from the UK government’s Technology Strategy Board (TSB), Kautz will work with software company Geomerics to develop future computer games. It’s intriguing to see a government funding games, but read more…

More:   zdnet.com

Segel and Stoller writing new Muppet movie.

Nick Stoller also expected to direct the Muppet feature currently in development.

Segel and Stoller will write the script and Stoller will direct.

Segel, who graduated from Apatow-produced skeins “Freaks and Geeks” and “Undeclared” got his first sole writing credit on the Apatow-produced “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” Universal releases the pic, which Stoller directed, on April 18.

In “Sarah Marshall” Segel’s character writes a “Dracula” musical performed by puppets. Those cloth creatures were custom-made by the Henson puppeteers, and the experience emboldened Segel to pitch his concept for a Muppets movie when he was invited in for a general meeting with exec Kristin Burr. Segel got a deal in the room and enlisted Stoller to co-write and direct the project.

In grand Hollywood style, George Lucas made a surprise visit to exhib confab ShoWest in Las Vegas on Thursday to sell theater owners on his upcoming animated feature “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” which Warner Bros. releases Aug. 15.

Lucas — flanked by six stormtroopers — was perfectly at ease in the large theater at the Paris Hotel that studios use to tout their product to theater owners attending ShoWest.

“I think it can live up to the live-action movies,” Lucas said before rolling a clip of “Clone Wars,” based on an animated series Lucas is producing for Warners sister cable net Cartoon Network.

If you’ve applied for Apple’s iPhone Developer program, check email for your rejection letter. The twitterati are reporting widespread disappointment and anger as thousands of iPhone developer hopefuls have received a “Thank you but no thank you” message in their inbox. The emails are arriving with the subject of iPhone Developer Program Enrollment Status.

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