iTunes users who also happen to be fans of a goblin David Bowie, Gelflings, Skeksis, Mystics and/or Jim Henson have reason to celebrate: two of Henson’s cult classic films are now available on iTunes. The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth are now available for purchase at the iTunes Store. This comes on the heels of the Farscape and Fraggle Rock iTunes releases in January.

If you’ve never been able to get the cry of the Skeksis or the image of a frighteningly glam Goblin King (with fantastic hair) out of your head, pop up iTunes and make some Jim Henson magic. While you’re there, you can even grab the slightly watered-down musical numbers in the Labyrinth Soundtrack to go with it, as well as a copy of The Muppet Christmas Carol, just in case the kids need some lighter fare after The Dark Crystal. Can’t beat that, right?

Over the last couple of weeks several of the big cell carriers having been rolling out “unlimited” talk packages, including AT&T. Well it appears that they’ve gotten around to adding the iPhone to the mix as the Apple iPhone rates page now features an unlimited plan. For $119.99 a month you get unlimited talk time (but the same 200 SMS text messages as the other plans). Since all iPhone plans have unlimited data really the only thing you get is the unlimited talk time. Nonetheless, if you’re a big talker (and don’t live in Alaska) you might want to check out this upgrade.

Following Fox’s lead, Lionsgate is signing up to add a ‘Digital Copy for iTunes’ to their DVD releases. Owners of DVD’s with the extra content will be able to pop them into their Mac (or PC), enter a code into iTunes and have an iPod/iPhone/Apple TV-compatible copy added to iTunes. The copy is only valid for a single iTunes library and the process does require an iTunes account.

Lionsgate is kicking off the program with “The Eye,” and – I feel a palpable swell of collective anticipation – “Rambo.” That’s right, you get a supernatural thriller… and a Stallone sequel. Your iPod has never been so happy, right?

If you make any kind of extensive use of the OS X Dashboard, you probably close as many widgets as you open. Usually, that means hitting the plus sign at the lower left of the screen to reveal the widget bar, clicking the “X” on the widget you want to remove, and then closing the widget bar. Seems like there should be a faster way, right?

Next time you want to close a widget, just hold down the option key (?) while your mouse is over it. You’ll see the “X” button on the current widget and can close all the widgets you want without ever having to open the widget bar.

Apple doesn’t just loan review units to anyone who asks. No, you have to be pretty high up on the tech journalism foodchain in order to be entrusted with review gear from Apple. Steven Levy is decidedly amongst those who have no problems getting their hands on Apple’s latest, with lots of help from the company itself (he was one of the 4 journalists who got an iPhone ahead of everyone else). Therefore, it is not surprising that Levy would have a MacBook Air on loan from Apple, but it is surprising what happened to said loaner MacBook Air.

Mike Ash at Rogue Amoeba has published his fairly extensive thoughts on Apple’s code signing policies and plans, as well as how they relate to the iPhone SDK. He makes some solid points and elaborates on thoughts that are being bandied about elsewhere on the ‘net. In his critique of some points in the iPhone SDK announcement, his concerns regarding the “banned” iPhone apps are quite valid, in my opinion. Out of the list of apps to be denied (illegal, malicious, unforeseen, privacy, porn and bandwidth hog), he picks out a couple that are of concern.

Over at Business Week, Helen Walters has an interesting summary of a presentation given by Michael Lopp at SXSW on Apple’s design process. Lopp is a senior engineering manager at Apple and gives a sneak peek at the process that Apple uses to bring such great products to the market.

An Italian team of archaeologists unearthed the bowl goblet in the 1970s from a burial site in Iran’s Burnt City, but it was only recently that researchers noticed the images on the bowl tell an animated visual story.

The oldest cartoon character in the world is a goat leaping to get the leaves on a tree.

According to an article in the Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies:

The artefact bears five images depicting a wild goat jumping up to eat the leaves of a tree, which the members of the team at that time had not recognised the relationship between the pictures.

(Source:          I flew out to California specifically for the opportunity to have a one on one interview with Iron Man director Jon Favreau. I’d been trying for months to wrangle an opportunity to interview the man who so far has seemed to hit all the right notes with the movie adaptation of our beloved Marvel Comics character.

The interview was conducted directly following the premiere of the second Iron Man trailer and extended clips shown at WonderCon:

I noticed something in the trailer – in the Super Bowl trailer the final scene with him shooting the tank seemed unfinished.

As per usual with all Lucasfilm projects and especially those with the name Star Wars, hard facts about the upcoming Star Wars live-action series are hard to come by right now. However, a new report on says they have gleaned some information.

Collider says that the show could be described as “Deadwood meets The Sopranos” and is likely to feature gangsters and perhaps a crime family. The recent revelation that Boba Fett will play a role certainly opens the door for appearances by the established gangster Jabba the Hutt, though it’s hard to gauge whether he would be part of this “crime family,” at least in a Sopranos sense – though scenes of a domestic Jabba and his Hutt wife and kids would certainly be amusing. And how about Lobot taking on the role of the Lorraine Bracco/Dr. Melfi type therapist for Jabba?

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