Warner Bros. Pictures is currently planning to reveal the trailer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars in theaters with the studio’s own Speed Racer on May 9th. We are uncertain at this point when the trailer would debut online, though studios usually bring trailers online that same week.

The August 15 release will feature such characters as Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Padmé Amidala, along with brand-new heroes like Anakin’s padawan learner, Ahsoka. In the film, Sinister villains – led by Palpatine, Count Dooku and General Grievous – are poised to rule the galaxy. Stakes are high, and the fate of the “Star Wars” universe rests in the hands of the daring Jedi Knights. Their exploits lead to the action-packed battles and astonishing new revelations.

[Editor's Note: I don't agree with this article, as most of the points about "running out of bits and bytes" are ridiculous. But I'm including it here for amusement sake in terms of how some people view the scary world of computers]

(Source: rep-am.com)          What a waste — the computer power spent on today’s movies.

What? Computer power? Movies? Waste? Let me explain.

First, except for some low-budget indie films shot in Mongolia, almost all pictures have some computer effects. The movie may be an intimate three-character drama set in a single motel room, but check out the credits. You’ll see at least one for a computer effects company.

(Source: cinematical.com)               Cinema Blend is reporting on a tip they received from someone who was hanging with Adam Brody in a bar up in British Columbia. What’s Brody doing there? Well, apparently some of the cast is with George Miller scouting locations for Justice League Mortal. (Not sure why they’d be up there with the director scouting, but let’s roll with it for now …) Anyway, Brody, Miller and a few others were in a bar, getting wasted, when this girl (who wrote into CB) asked him what they all were doing there. Naturally he said they were scouting for Justice League Mortal (which recently had to shift production from Australia to Canada). Then it gets interesting.

Culver City-based vfx shop Rhythm & Hues, which won the 2008 Oscar as the lead effects shop on ‘The Golden Compass,’ has opened a facility in Hyderabad, India.

Culver City-based vfx shop Rhythm & Hues, which won the 2008 Oscar as the lead effects shop on “The Golden Compass,” has opened a facility in Hyderabad, India.

Some 100 of the 210 employees at R&H’s Mumbai facility moved to the new location. The two facilities now sport a total of about 250 employees, and more expansion is planned.

R&H’s India facilities are teaming with its California HQ on “The Incredible Hulk” and “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.”

(Source: TheOnion) In an announcement with far-reaching implications for the fate of human civilization, a time-traveling man from the 22nd century revealed Monday that, in the future, earth’s inhabitants consume Dippin’ Dots rather than traditional ice cream.”People of the 21st century, the future holds great and wonderful things,” said the man, who only identified himself as “Wolcott,” during an address televised in all of the world’s countries. “One hundred years from now, dessert items are made by flash-freezing beads of cream with liquid nitrogen, then storing them in subzero conditions. People enjoy these treats with great regularity, and often remark upon how delicious they taste.”

YouTube Preview Image

The Aptera electric car is so futuristic-looking, it’s been seen on the set of the new Star Trek movie.

The Aptera was designed from the ground up as an electric vehicle, and later as an extended range electric vehicle. After building the proof-of-concept Mk-0, [they] hired the automotive design firm, &39;, to help further develop the concept vehicle. The &39; team … made great strides in the development of the Aptera’s body styling, interior design, and structural engineering. [They] refined the Aptera’s shape to maximize efficiency using Computational Fluid Dynamics, developed and built advanced suspension and drivetrain components, and integrated a strong yet lightweight composite shell.

After announcing it would create a new Center for Animation, Brigham Young University celebrated with the president of Pixar Thursday and presented a five-minute animated short created by BYU students.

The animation center will be housed within the Fulton College of Engineering and Technology. The animation major will remain within the College of Fine Arts and Communications.

Brent Adams, faculty member in the BYU School of Technology, will serve as the animation center director. He said the center will “allow us to develop more product, have a better experience for students and faculty, and explore other areas in animation and visualization that we haven’t been able to do before.”

Legendary Filmmaker Steven Spielberg is recipient of the VES Lifetime Achievement Award

Visual Effects Society Awards to Air on HDNet – Wednesday, April 2

DALLAS, March 27 /PRNewswire/ –

WHAT:  The Visual Effects Society Awards are known in the industry as the
Oscars of visual effects, and HDNet was there to cover the 6th
annual awards celebration, held at Kodak Theatre Grand Ballroom in

The sold-out event, which took place on February 10, 2008,
attracted more than a thousand visual effects and animation
artists, dozens of nominees and members of the film, television,
commercial and video game industries.

ACM SIGGRAPH announces Ed Catmull, a pioneer in the entertainment and film industry and co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios, as one of the featured speakers at SIGGRAPH 2008, the 35th International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques.

Catmull, President of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, has played a major role throughout the past 30 years in the invention of some of today’s most fundamental computer graphics practices used widely across the motion picture industry. He is one of the original architects of the RenderMan rendering software system, which has been used to create blockbuster animated hits such as Toy Story and Finding Nemo, as well as 44 of the last 47 Visual Effects nominations to the Academy Awards®.

As rumoured a couple of months back, Disney is dusting off “The Lone Ranger” as a Jerry Bruckheimer-produced vehicle that “Pirates of the Caribbean” scribes Terry Rossio and Ted Elliot look set to write.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the scuttlebutt today, indicating that it’s full-speed ahead on the return of the “Ranger”.

The hero’s origin story begins with a group of Texas Rangers chasing down a gang of outlaws led by Butch Cavendish. The gang ambushes the Rangers, seemingly killing them all. One survivor is found, however, by an American Indian named Tonto, who nurses him back to health. The Ranger, donning a mask and riding a white stallion named Silver, teams up with Tonto to bring the unscrupulous gang and others of that ilk to justice.

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