Here’s a great trick from — set up your Mac to automatically preview all downloads with Quick Look.

It’s a simple two-step process. First, install the Quick Look Droplet, a simple application that displays any file with Quick Look. Next, set your browser preference to automatically open certain file types (say, PDFs, Word documents and JPGs) with the droplet. It’s much snappier than launching Preview or Word.

Way back last year, Steve Jobs mentioned that a 3G iPhone would debut some time this year. Then we started seeing iPhones being clearanced. And now, Yahoo reports that the 3G iPhone is on-track for, um, real soon now — as early as Q3 2008 with a possible Q2 launch.

Everyone and their brother has been waiting for the 3G iPhone. So is this report reliable? AT&T declined to comment on specific launch dates. Apple declined comment. Yahoo bases its article on a report by Bank of America analyst Scott Craig. But it fits into what (a) everyone expects and (b) we already know. Is there anything new here? Possibly not. More from Apple Insider and iPod observer about possible Hon Hai 3G contracts and Kevin Rose’s 3G iPhone predictions.

ZiPhone, the free jailbreaking and unlocking tool for iPhone, has hit version 3.0. According to the ZiPhone blog, new features include:

  • NVRAM fix is no longer needed
  • Greyed WiFi solution
  • YouTube fix is no longer needed
  • Apps installer is included
  • Customized plug-ins

You can download the updated installer from the ZiPhone blog.

I’ve been looking forward to the iPhone pwnage tool for some time now. When released, pwnage will allow you to load pre-customized iPhone firmware bundles via iTunes. This means that instead of jailbreaking your phone after updates, you can install already-jailbroken systems.

Yesterday, the iPhone dev team announced that the pwnage release has been delayed for at least a week. The team is responding to possible legal issues about the “validity and legality of the contents of the tools”. The team promises they will not release third-party copyright materials.

When released, pwnage should work with 10.4, 10.5 and Windows.

(Source: TUAW) Doug Toombs from Howard Forums tipped us off that those refurb AT&T iPhones many TUAW readers bought a few weeks ago might not have properly issued warranties. He sent me over to Apple’s warranty self-checking site and sure enough my new iPhone’s limited warranty is due to expire on July 22nd.

I gave Apple a call at 1-800-694-7466. I was given the standard Apple line: they do not offer a full year warranty on refurbs. Your warranty ends a year from when the iPhone was originally sold and activated. She then connected me to AT&T, which promptly hung up on me.

At this time of year, every press release must be taken with a grain of salt, but sometimes products announced on or around 4/1 can prove to be real even when they seem a bit unlikely (1GB of free email? Must be a hoax). It’s in the vein of strange-but-true (I hope) that Unity Technologies announced a beta program for Unity 3D on the iPhone.Unity’s dynamic game development system (used by some fairly big names), if it makes the leap to the iPhone and iPod touch successfully, will give game creators a spectactular platform for rapid development. Hopefully that will include the unique interaction modes (multitouch, accelerometer & maybe even location awareness) that we saw at the SDK announcement. Can’t wait!

As the studios hunt for more franchises, it seems they’re heading back to Bram Stoker’s creation for inspiration. Witness the return (again) of Dracula…

According to the Hollywood gossip columns, ’tis currently the season for franchise hunting…

If you believe The Hollywood Reporter and Variety the next few weeks and months will decide the future of Spidey (to Raimi or not to Raimi), Supes (will Singer cut the budget) as well as the less-than Fantastic Four (HELLO! Can they actually turn out a decent film).

Rob Cohen offered an update on the official blog for The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor to let fans know there is a new webisode, this time offering up a look at the visual effects to give fans the feel of what they are up to over at Rhythm and Hues and Digital Domain.

The footage offers up a few cool looks at what is going on, especially a quick glance at a Yeti throwing some dude.

Still no word on when we will see an official trailer for the film that opens on August 1st.

A federal judge here on Wednesday ruled that the heirs of Jerome Siegel — who 70 years ago sold the rights to the action hero he created with Joseph Shuster to Detective Comics for $130 — were entitled to claim a share of the United States copyright to the character. The ruling left intact Time Warner’s international rights to the character, which it has long owned through its DC Comics unit.

Government grants are essential for hooking big budget movies into coming back, the producer of the latest Hollywood blockbuster to film in New Zealand says.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine producer Ralph Winter, who cut his teeth on the Star Trek films and has produced the other three X-Men movies, told The Press from Sydney that the New Zealand Government’s grant of 15 per cent made a huge difference.

“Particularly when the US dollar is taking a beating around the world and you’re spending $15 million to $20m in New Zealand.

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