There’s been much debate on the interwebs on what lies in store for users of Aperture (Apple’s professional-level photo management software). Apple has been hounded for a little while about some cameras not having RAW support in OS X: colleague Chris Ullrich’s Nikon D300 is still unsupported, for example. So you can imagine the widespread surprise when Joe Schorr, Apple’s Senior Product Manager for Photo Applications posted a thread on the Aperture Discussion Groups:

“We’re constantly working to make Aperture an even better tool for users, and will soon release an upgrade that includes RAW format support for new cameras and other exciting new features. Please stay tuned.”

ECCE TERRAM announced a new service this week that will allow people to order prints of photos stored on their iPhones from the phones themselves. With their Photo2lab Client, users may select a photo (both those taken with the iPhone and those transfered from iPhoto), add text and create prints, post cards and even mini photo books. You’ll even be able to add an address to a post card from the iPhone’s built-in contacts list.

This sounds great, and ECCE TERRAM says it will be available just after the iPhone’s SDK is released in February.

The list of things you can do with your PSP just got even more awesome: Sony announced today that Version 3.90, the newly available software update for the handheld system, will feature Skype, allowing users to make and receive telephone calls from their PSPs!

Skype allows users to make free calls over the internet to other Skype users, anywhere in the world, whilst also having the ability to make paid for calls to landline and mobile phones. Here;s how to make it happen:

  • Download the update.
  • Sign up with Skype–it’s free.
  • Plug in some earbuds
YouTube Preview Image

Fatal Frame and the Wii go together like chocolate and milk: Pointing a camera with your Wii-mote in a version of this underrated ghost/photography simulator is a fantastic idea for a dark, rainy night, and it’s going to happen. In Japan, for sure, and hopefully in America too.

According to IGN, Tecmo held a press conference in Tokyo today to announce its upcoming lineup, and the biggest news was first details on the Wii version of Fatal Frame.

Although a two minute CG trailer was shown at the press conference, little detail was given, other than three keywords: “Memory,” “moon,” and “mask.” Also: The image color for the game is yellow.

You would think, that by this time, all of the Freddy Krueger story has been told, what with four hundred thousand Nightmare on Elm Street films and all. Well, you’d be half right. It seems as if New Line is going back to the future and taking the Nightmare franchise on a new track, “rebooting” it in much the same way they did with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Nyko is already releasing a wireless Nunchuck of their own, but now they will release an adapter that will modify Nintendo’s official Nunchuck to be wireless.

The unit wraps the cord up the Nunchuck and fits on the bottom, with another piece fitting into the Wiimote.

Power is supplied by 2 AAA batteries and should last about 60 hours, or so they say.

The accessory should drop in February for $19.99 and then remain useless when Smash Bros. releases in March and no one is using the Wiimote and Nunchuck anymore.

While the gothic horror and madness of H.P. Lovecraft makes for great reading, the master of terror, dread, non-Euclidean Geometry, and huge vagina monsters that, were they to be described, would surely drive you mad, has never been served all that well by the movies.

With the exception of Re-Animator (an awesome 1985 adaptation of Herbert West: Reanimator) and The Dunwich Horror (a 1970 psycho-freakout very loosely based on H.P.’s story) Lovecraft movie adaptation have been more-or-less ass.

Guillermo del Toro wants to change the pathetic track record with a big budget version of Lovecraft’s immortal At the Mountains of Madness.

If you want an instant conversion mechanism for web videos to iPod-able formats, there’s the recently mentioned Tooble; if you want the same capability in a handy Safari plugin, there’s CosmoPod. The 2.0 version of CosmoPod is now available and it offers H.264 support, QuickTime 7.4 compatibility, and more.

CosmoPod will convert almost all web video and dump it directly to iTunes to be synced to your device, for 6.90 or $10, and there’s a 5-day demo available. Check it out.

Another huge movie Brendan Fraser’s been keeping busy with is Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D from first time feature film director Eric Brevig. Brevig has three decades of visual effects experience to his credit (and two Oscar nominations) and makes the transition to the director’s chair on this 3D action-adventure film. Fraser’s seen much of the movie already and is impressed with Brevig and the 3D technology used to bring the story alive.

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