Orson Scott Card’s legendary science fiction novel Ender’s Game is leaping from the library to videogames.

Chair Entertainment (the company behind Xbox Live Arcade’s Undertow) announced today it has acquired the rights to the series and will be working with Card to create games based on the famous Battle Room from the novel. While Chair’s rights extend through all next-generation consoles, handheld platforms, and PC, the first Ender’s game is expected for release via downloadable platforms.

If you’re anything like the rest of us, you spend all day wondering: “What is Julie Newmar up to these days?”

Turns out, the Catwoman from the original Batman TV show is available as a lingerie-clad corporate spokesperson! Check out her ad from Adweek, she’s “unretouched and unretired.”

Not content to already own the online searching world, Google is trying out a few new search views.

In a blog post on their official blogspot blog (blog), Google details the new views and tells you how to try them out.

  • Info View — The most similar to the default view, but it has extra links on the right hand side to filter by date, measurement, and location.
  • Timeline View — A new way to organize the search by date, which can be extremely useful to see information about historical figures and events.

eBay is struggling to grow its Marketplace user base, that is, merchants that use eBay to sell their goods online. Competitors like Amazon.com also allow smaller merchants to sell through them.

eBay will lower insertion fees and reduce some other costs for merchants. It will also make some changes to the way results are displayed to favor higher rated merchants over lower rated ones.

In addition, they will make it more difficult for merchants to attain the “PowerSeller” rating and try to cut down on scamming and overcharging for shipping.

National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell told the New Yorker that The federal government should be able to read all communications on the Internet. McConnell is working to make it possible too; he has developed a cyber security policy that would make total internet openness a reality, but President George W. Bush has not announced it yet.

McConnell feels the increase in governmental scrutiny of the web, your email, and everything else on the net is necessary in order to keep our information-systems safe from  terrorists. Should McConnell succeed, the nature of privacy on the internet would be fundamentally altered, not to mention the relationship between our government and its citizens.

A number of iPod owners have discovered that their recently purchased iPods won’t work with Apple’s new iTunes video rentals, even though the iPods have video playback capabilities.

As of Tuesday, the issue had been raised multiple times in Apple’s support forums. So far the company’s only response has been to confirm that movie rentals work only with the iPhone, iPod touch, iPod classic and the third-generation iPod nano. Earlier iPods, including fifth-generation iPods sold before the September 2007 release of the sixth-generation iPod classic, are incompatible with rented videos.

(Source: Best Of Craigs List)

Hello America!

As you may know, 2008 is going to be a g-rate year. I am so excited! There is to be a presidential election this year! Hoo-ray! Exciting times, exciting times. And whoa… so confusing! So much talking, so much anal-yzing, so much research to do to be sure the person who wins your vote truly reflects your values and goals for the executive of this g-rate nation.

Man, it’s going to be tough.

Jeremy Horwitz at iLounge has written a comprehensive guide for integrating the iPhone with you car, from a budget-friendly rig to the ultimate set-up.

The problem, of course, is that there’s no single device, cable or solution that will manage calls, music, and charge your iPhone’s battery simultaneously.

Jeremy’s “Optimal Solution” eliminates a lot of the stuff with a Contour Design / Bluetrek SurfaceSound Compact, which is a nifty hands-free solution for mobile phones (though quite pricey). If price is not a concern, check it out.

We’d heard that the iPhone 1.1.3 update was causing major problems with SMS message order, but a new support doc up on Apple’s site points to a relatively simple fix: turning on automatic date / time updates. Apparently the problem is caused when the internal clock doesn’t match up to the carrier clock — which seems like it’ll be a continuing annoyance for frequent travelers, so hopefully a better solution is in the works.

Today, Apple added a new “Find Out How” section to their website. This new page features video tutorials of the following aspects of the Mac:

This information is no doubt welcome to many new switchers, or potential switchers, who want to learn more about the user interface. You can also subscribe to these in iTunes by clicking the “Download videos to iTunes” button at the bottom of the video window.

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