Gamespot has a new editor-in-chief: Ricardo Torres will take over the position.

Torres takes his new position on the heels of controversy and intrigue in the GameSpot editorial department. In case you weren’t paying attention: About a month ago Gamespot’s editorial director Jeff Gerstmann found himself out of a job. The rumor on the internet: Gerstmann was fired from the website after Eidos complained of a bad review of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. Gamespot denies it.


If you own Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and you were terribly offended by the Hot Coffee mod that was added to the game, today is your lucky day*! The class-action lawsuit over the game was settled previously, and now, the wronged class (people offended by the Hot Coffee mod) will get their payout.

First, you must swear under penalty of perjury that they were “offended and upset by the ability of consumers to use third party software and/or hardware to modify and alter the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas First Edition Disc to display the Hot Coffee content,” then, it’s payday!

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(Source: The Feed) The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters is the greatest (videogame based) movie of all time. I know that game-based movies generally suck, but this one isn’t just slightly better than the rest of them, it’s actually really good. That’s why so many people were jazzed about the DVD release party, held at the legendary Westwood Arcade in Los Angeles.

If you weren’t in attendance, let us tell you, it was like a hip, Hollywood party, only hardcore gamers were the celebrities. Don’t believe us? Admittedly, it is pretty hard to swallow, but you’ll get all the proof you need later today on AOTS!

Late last week a Microsoft exec let slip that former EA Chicago studio head Kudo Tsunoda, the man responsible for such hits as Fight Night: Round 3 and such non-hits as Def Jam: Icon, had joined Microsoft Game Studios and took the position of Project Lead on the next Gears of War title.

Today Microsoft issued a statement to commenting on these rumors:

A site called Sven on Tech claims to have word straight from an Apple “source” as to why there isn’t cut and paste on the iPhone. Apparently, and get this, they just haven’t figured out how to implement it yet. In other news, the Apple TV will be a success, as soon as Apple figures out how to implement that, too.

OK, this is cool. Starting today, properties from the The Jim Henson Company are coming to iTunes. The complete first seasons of Farscape and Fraggle Rock are available now for $1.99 an episode. According to the company’s press release, the entire series should be available on the site in the coming months.

Now, I never watched Farscape, but I was pretty familiar with the various controversies over home video rights and for the show and how difficult it is to find on DVD. I can only guess that legions of Farscape fans will be happy to be able to download first season episodes from iTunes.

With Apple’s stock plummeting from just shy of $200 to $130.01, as of closing today; AppleInsider is claiming to have gotten a copy of Steve Jobs’ letter to investors that he issued last week. In the letter, Jobs urged investors to “Hang in there.”

“Wow… what a remarkable last few days,” Jobs said. “Our stock is being buffeted around by factors a lot larger than ourselves.”

Jobs went on to say that he believed in Apple’s fundamentals. He highlighted Apple stores, Apple’s focused strategy, and forthcoming products as reasons why people should worry too much about Apple’s stock. Apple does have $18 billion in the vault, as it were, so the company can certainly weather some rough quarters.

Word of a Scarlett Johansson album first hit last summer after the actress appeared with cult heroes the Jesus and Mary Chain at last year’s Coachella. The album, titled “Anywhere I Lay My Head” and being released via Warner imprint Atco, will hit stores on May 20 and sees her covering 10 Tom Waits tunes. One original is said to be on the set, but a track-list is not yet known.

At least based on those Johansson is working with, the “Ghost World” actress has pretty good taste in music. She recorded the album with TV on the Radio producer David Sitek, and collaborated with Yeah Yeah Yeah’s guitarist Nick Zinner on the album, which

The vicious, cut-throat world of music downloading just got cut-throatinger: Amazon is gunning for iTunes’ top-dog spot with worldwide launch of Amazon MP3. The on-line storefront is offering DRM-free music from all four major labels, all over the world.

The $.99 tracks are 256kbps MP3 files, so they’ll work forever on a PC, Mac, or whatever you have.

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