CES is known for having strange celebrity appearances over the years, and 2008 looks to be no exception to that. In fact, grouped together, the list of celebs that are reported to be making appearances at the conference this year is downright bizarre. How about Kevin Costner, Danica Patrick, and Mary J. Blige? Or members of the Black Eyed Peas and late 20th Century novelty act Train?

Yes, they really blew their wad on getting the best of the best this year didn’t they? That is, if this were 2001. Otherwise, it’s kinda meh. Oh, except Kevin Costner will reportedly be playing with his band. And if you didn’t think you read that correctly, you’re wrong. With. His. Band.

We all knew it was just a matter of time, but now we have video evidence. The Wii has been totally haxored! That’s right, just check out the video below and take a look at what these guys have accomplished. In all honestly, about half of what they say is Greek to me, but I’m impressed with the final result nonetheless.

I did catch that they managed to load Linux onto it. All I can say is, “of course they did.”

YouTube Preview Image

It appears that Apple has something big in store for CES next week and that something big is movie rentals. Rumors are spilling out everywhere that Apple is planning to announce a movie rental plan in conjunction with Fox. If this turns out to be the case, then it would seem that iTunes will be taking on Amazon Unbox head-to-head.

It’s also been said that Fox is only the first of several studios talking with Apple right now about rental through iTunes, with Fox being the only one who have hammered out the details.

Microsoft rarely admits mistakes, so when they do, odds are pretty good it’s a good-sized one. Hence, when they admitted that there is a bug in their Windows Home Server software, corrupting data storage that it touches, what they were really saying is that there’s a huge bug in their Windows Home Server software.

See, Home Server is a software platform that other companies such as Iomega and HP use to help regulate storage devices. Now, while Home Server is under an ‘extreme load,’ it’s having a tendency to corrupt files in those storage devices. Uh-oh, piscettio’s, indeed.’

David Letterman and Craig Ferguson will join Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien when they return to work on Wednesday, with one crucial difference…they will have writers with them when they do. Yes, Letterman’s Worldwide Pants, which also owns The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, has sought and received a waiver from the WGA which will allow the writers to return to work when the shows go back into production.

This is the last year that Bill “richest man on earth” Gates will be delivering Microsoft’s keynote speech at CES, and speculation is running rampant that the Windows creator will drop a bombshell at the Consumer Electronics show.

Smart money is on Gates’ spending a lot of time on “Surface,” M’Soft’s touch-screen interface that may become a part of our lives very soon. Also, look for a symbolic handing-over-of-the-keynote-torch to Microsoft’s president of consumer focused entertainment and devices division Robbie Bach.

Soon, Nintendo fans who own both the Wii and the DS will be able to see their fantasies realized, as Reggie Fils-Aime, head honchinator for the company, says that users of the Wii Virtual Console will be able to download entire games for the Nintendo DS to their Wii, and then beam them (the technical term, of course) directly to their DS for game play.

This is not a new concept, as PlayStation Home offers pretty much the same service for PSP games, but it’s good to know that Nintendo is consolidating their output so that you can get all of the goodness in one spot. Good on ya, Nintendo.

So Xbox LIVE has been having problems ever since the holidays, as we’re sure anyone with a 360 has probably noticed.

Signing in has been slow or sometimes even impossible. Matchmaking Call of Duty 4 (obviously, among the most popular multiplayer LIVE games) has been an absolute disaster. There are even reports of people losing their achievements and, in some cases, their entire account.

But fret not, fellow traveler! Major Nelson is here to save the day. Or, at least, to let us know that Microsoft understands that the day needs to be saved. Over the last several days, the Major has left a string of messages updating the world on the state of Xbox LIVE and its ongoing repairs.

Rumor time! Population: You!

Looks like the pre-show scuttlebutt is pointing to some big Xbox 360 announcement at CES from Microsoft.

Analysts are predicting things like a new 360 SKU with a built-in HD-DVD drive or the licensing of Xbox technology to other companies. This would lead to, for example, something like a Toshiba HD-DVD player and DVR that could also play Xbox 360 games.

A new SKU would just suck and confuse people. Licensing out the technology could be completely awesome (and maybe another company can actually make the hardware properly and stop the red rings!).

(Source: The Feed) By now, you must all be aware that one of the most anticipated events of 2008 is the release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Well, as we get closer to that hallowed day (May 22nd, to be exact), we’re going to get more news and pictures than you can possibly handle. In this case, it’s a Vanity Fair piece featuring on-set photos by Annie Leibovitz. That’s the good news.

There’s bad news, too. In fact, there’s some bad news that’s maybe the worst news regarding this film yet, but it falls quite firmly into spoiler territory, so you’re going to have to click through to see it…

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