(Source: Wired) It seemed like a crazy idea. When Radiohead said it would release its new album, In Rainbows, as a pay-what-you-will digital download, you’d have thought the band had gone communist. After all, Thom Yorke and company are one of the world’s most successful groups — a critical darling as well as a fan favorite for nearly 15 years. They hadn’t put out a new album in more than four years, and the market was hungry for their next disc. So why would Radiohead conduct such a radical experiment?

Apple Inc. has been active filing patents for new technologies that could integrate into its product line, including a possible revival of the iPod Hi-Fi, wireless device ordering and lockdowns, and a new network-based anti-piracy scheme.

iPod Boombox

Although Apple was forced by poor sales to pull the iPod Hi-Fi from store shelves in September, a new US patent published on Thursday shows the electronics maker still exploring its own speaker accessories.

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(Source: Wired)  Wired has put together some of their “Best of the worst” lists for 2007. Click on the links below for more.

10. Steorn Orbo

9. Tesla Roadster

8. 802.11N

7. Diablo III

6. Windows Mobile 6 For Samsung Blackjack

5. Windows XP Service Pack 3

4. Optimus Maximus “Ultimate Keyboard”

3. Guns N’ Roses Chinese Democracy

2. Spore

1. Duke Nukem Forever

(Source: Wired)  Wired has put together some of their “Best of the worst” lists for 2007. Click on the links below for more.

10. Amazon Kindle

9.  Apple TV

8. Palm Foleo

7. Canon EOS-1D Mark III

6. Computers Running Vista

5. HTC Advantage

4. One Laptop Per Child



1. Wii Shortages

One of the many, many great things about Guitar Hero 3 is its ability to scale up and down to different systems, so even Wii owners can get in on the guitar fun. How far does it scale? How about to mobile phones?

Today, Verizon Wireless, Hands-On Mobile,and Activision announced the exclusive availability of the Guitar Hero III mobile game to Verizon Wireless customers.

Featuring four authentic guitars and three venues, the game allows players to “hit number keys in sync with colored notes that appear on a scrolling fret board.”

It’s not surprising that rythym game Guitar Hero 3 outsold competing rythym game Rock Band. After all, GH was the guitar game for years, with brand recognition and loyalty that’s unbelievable, where Rock Band was brand new and crazy expensive at $170 a pop. Plus, Guitar Hero 3 came out first. Plus the PS2 version of Rock Band isn’t included.

So these comparisons don’t mean much, but the numbers look like this, according to industry analysts NPD Group:

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

  • PlayStation 2 — 1,469,800
  • Xbox 360 — 750,400
  • Wii — 712,300

Always provocative, sometimes right, often wrong, Think Secret was our scandalous favorite rumors site and now it is gone. According to the Settlement page listed at their site, Apple and Think Secret have ended their lawsuit and Nick Ciarelli has shut down the site.

Goodbye Think Secret, we’ll miss you.

The promised Rock Band community pages are live and feature a slew of “Web 2.0″ features for fake rock and/or roll bands the world over.

The new community site, when it goes live, will allow you to:

  • Link your RockBand.com account to your Xbox Live gamertag or Playstation Network id to share your characters, bands, and high scores with your friends.
  • Compare your high scores with the Rock Band community on the brand new Leaderboards!
  • Make friends, write a blog, and post your pictures on your own personal RockBand.com page!

Red Mile Entertainment announced today that it has entered into an agreement to license the Unreal Engine 3 from Epic  for use in the Sin City video game.

“The Unreal Engine is one of the most technically advanced engines on the market and is a perfect fit for our Sin City video games,” said Glenn Wong, president and COO for Red Mile. “The engine has powered several of the best-selling games of all time and I am very glad we have the opportunity to arm our developers with such a world-class product.”

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