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Infinity Ward blogger fourzerotwo posted a lovely bit of information on the upcoming Call of Duty 4 patch for the 360 version of the game.

In addition to patch changes there will be playlist changes, which also apply to the PS3 version, though he notes that the actual patch features will be different between the two versions.

Full list of changes below.

Hey Everyone –

I wanted to give you the heads up on a lot of cool changes coming to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare multiplayer for the Xbox 360 in the month of December. Before you ask, there is no ETA on these changes, most are included in the upcoming patch, with all the playlists stuff happening independently at some point in the near future.

Podcasting news has put together a helpful guide to the most impossibly bad iPod accessories. These include the “Rock My Teeth” tooth whitening appliance shown here as well as the Griffin iBeam–perfect for frying your retinas, and the iFrogz Tadpole case that allows your toddlers to throw their iPods around like frisbees.

Be aware, some of the items listed might be considered NSFW (such as the “OhMiBod iPod Vibrator“), and the hilarity of the other items may cause physical injury.

Maybe they didnt send out a gloating press release like Sony and Microsoft, but Nintendo topped the NPD sales charts for November, with the Nintendo DS selling a million and a half units. The PSP, the closest handheld competitor, sold 567,000 units.

The Wii also outsold the the other 2 next-gen systems by a wide margin:

  • Wii: 981,000
  • 360: 770,000
  • PS3: 496,000

Every month, the NPD Group publishes the results of their constant research into the business of gaming, and every month, the console companies say, “These numbers prove our machine is the winner!”

Today, Microsoft trumpeted their holdiday victory in a statement reading: “Fueled by the greatest holiday lineup in video game history, consumers spent more holiday dollars on Xbox 360 consoles, games and accessories than any other platform in the month of November according to NPD.”

Xbox 360 – Consumers voting with their wallets, Xbox 360 winning this holiday

Every month, the NPD Group publishes the results of their constant research into the business of gaming, and every month, the console companies say, “These numbers prove our machine is the winner!”

Today, Sony trumpeted their holdiday victory in a statement reading: “The PlayStation platform is off to a great start this holiday season based on NPD November 2007 sales data.”

Hardware Momentum (PS3, PS2 and PSP)

**For the month of November, PlayStation hardware unit sales reached more than 1.5 million units, an increase of 160% when compared to last month’s unit sales (October 2007).

According to the Los Angeles Times, a truck full of Rock Band was hijacked by some highwaymen, who made off with more than 1,000 bundles of the popular rock and/or roll game. The heist was worth more than $170,000.

The driver of the truck says two men in black truck pulled up next to his semi and waved him to the side of the road. Once there, the bandits pulled guns, blindfolded the driver and drove his truck around for an hour. They then parked, unloaded the truck and made off with the stolen videogames.

The plot thickens! Harmonix claimed that Activision was blocking the release of a PS3 patch that would allow Guitar Hero III guitars to work in Rock Band. Now Activision is biting back:

To Music Gaming Fans:

The recent announcement by MTV Games/Viacom’s Harmonix division that Activision is blocking Sony from releasing a patch and their plea to enable Rock Band software to work with Guitar Hero hardware paints a very misleading picture.


Click here for more posters and here for a peek at the leaked trailer (Warning: The ‘trailer’ is a relatively poor video someone shot of the screen in a theatre, probably from their phone.)


There’s a 5 minute chunk of the forthcoming J.J. Abrams Cloverfield film up and about the webs. You’ll find it here. It looks amazing. The trailer is chilling with realism and any American who watched TV all day on September 11, 2001 should feel an additional stir.

This movie seems to address 9/11’s imagery and themes without beating you in the face with them (looking at you War of the Worlds.) And that is a great choice. Without writing a review for a film that hasn’t been released yet, we can assume that the metaphoric monster that takes Manhattan is an inexplicable force from somewhere far away that we don’t understand. Sound familiar? Keep it subtle, J.J.

5 Minutes of Cloverfield

The new official trailer:

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