As you probably know, the Mitchell Report will be released today. The report details, names and subsequently shames professional baseball players who have used performance-enhancing drugs.

Coincidentally, G4 is releasing The Thompson Report today, an exhaustively researched and completely not-imaginary compilation of the illegal substances abused by video game characters.

The report’s revelations are shocking; many of your most cherished digital childhood heroes from the last 25 years of gaming will be forever tarnished at the revelations contained herein, so make sure you’re prepared before you continue reading.

The Thompson Report


Scientists at the Gyeongsang National University in South Korea have cloned cats that have the ability to glow-in-the dark when exposed to ultraviolet light. By inserting a virus into the skin cells of a mother cat and placing those contaminated cells into the womb, scientists were able to prove that it was possible to clone an animal with a manipulated gene. Apparently, this development could allow for a better understanding of human genetic diseases in the future. But what about the benefits of glowing cats? If you ask me, cats that could truly glow-in-the-dark would make for an unique and styilsh night-light. And, much like the new Litrospheres, they last for about 12 years. The only downside is that the latter requires no power source while cats require a steady diet.

Wannabe first-woman-president Hilary Clinton wants to know what games you’re playing.

The plucky democrat has sponsored a research study for her run for president that includes a question about what games voters play.

Which of the following have you visited or played online?

  • Sim City
  • Second Life
  • Sims
  • None of the above
  • Other
  • Don’t know

Strangely, any violent game and/or console title is left off the list… hmmm. Also, how could you “not know” what games you’ve played or visited?

The survey also probes internet usage.

Paramount Pictures Digital Entertainment, MTV New Media and Blockbuster announced the upcoming release of Jackass 2.5, Hollywood’s first studio-backed broadband movie streamed in its entirety for free!

Jackass 2.5 will be available for free courtesy of Blockbuster at as December 19 through December 31.  To mark this unprecedented event, Johnny Knoxville is launching, a new site and joint venture of MTV Networks and Dickhouse Productions that officially goes live February 9, 2008.

Everyone knows that you can use a single finger to scroll web pages in Mobile Safari but it’s less well known that you can use two fingers to scroll frames and other subpage elements. Normally, on personal computers, you use a separate scroll bar for webpage frames. On the iPhone and iPod touch, these scroll bars do not appear and the content expands to fill the frame set area. By using two fingers at once, you tell Mobile Safari to scroll the element rather than then entire page.

iPhone developer Drunknbass has been working amazingly hard for some time now getting video recording working on the iPhone. I’ve been following his effort and seeing him struggle with some major obstacles. It’s not a simple thing. There are issues about capturing the data and producing output in real time.

Drunknbass’s program is groundbreaking. It records 5 seconds of video at 10 fps and then immediately plays it back and proves that usable video capture is possible.

Read more about his work and visit his website at

Apple has just released QuickTime 7.3.1 which addresses that nasty RTSP vulnerability recently discovered (and discovered with zero day exploit code no less!). This update also fixes 2 other security problems with QuickTime. It looks like Flash is being handled in a safer way, and a heap buffer overflow has been fixed. Apple suggests all QT 7 users install this update.

Quicktime 7.3.1 is available for:

Read the full release notes for the gory details.

Apple has posted a special Christmas flavored Get A Mac ad. This ad, as you can see above, features a stop motion-esque (I’m going to assume that they are actually CGI) PC, Mac, and Santa singing a little Christmas carol for you. PC makes sure to let you know to never buy a Mac, or else Santa might not like you.


In case anyone is interested, here is the first trailer from the film I’m currently working on: You Don’t Mess With The Zohan.

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