The rumor of the month, according to EGM Magazine, is that Bizarre Creations, a newly purchased Activision game development studio, is working on a James Bond oriented racing game.

We know that a semi-mysterious “James Bond” was listed in the merger info of Activision and Vivendi, and Bizarre’s biggest game is Project Gotham Racing, so we’re guessing “true” on this rumor.

True and awesome! Just picture a next-gen racing game with James Bond-style gadgets and gimmicks to throw at other drivers. There’s a lot of potential with this game if the rumor turns out to be true!

According to a report by Arbor’s Security and Engineering Response Team (ASERT), the Apple iPhone will be the most hacked piece of technology in the coming year.

“With the scrutiny the iPhone has received since its launch earlier this year over network lock-in, ASERT believes that hackers will be enticed by the possibility of attacking Apple users and the opportunity to ‘be the first’ to hack a new platform,” the report said.

The attacks will probably be malware embedded into seemingly harmless information, images or other media that perform dangerous actions when rendered on the iPhone’s Web browser, and drive by shootings.

Using data from the Voyager 2 spacecraft on the outskirts of our planetary system, so-called “scientists” have proven that the Solar System is bent.

Voyager mission scientist Edward Stone of the California Institute of Technology says “the magnetic field is disturbing an otherwise spherical surface.” The interstellar magnetic field is the reason this all takes place as it is pitched at an angle to the plane of the solar system the Milky Way.

Way to destroy everything we hold dear, Science. We used to be safe and secure in the knowledge that our Solar System was straight, and now it’s gone all crazy.  We don’t know what to believe. Will the attacks on our way of life never end?

The thing about DRM is that there are always exceptions to the rules– while Apple has released lots of DRM-free music, lots of it is still bogged down by DRM, and if you’re like me, you disagree that any music you purchase should be limited in the ways that you use it.

Fortunately, as long as you can hear the music you buy, there’ll always be a simple way around the DRM, and 5thirtyone has put together this simple writeup explaining how to break iTunes DRM with a tool you’ve already got on your Mac: iMovie. Essentially, you load the DRM-ed file as a soundtrack in iMovie, export it as an .aiff file back into iTunes, and then convert it in iTunes back to AAC. Simple enough. And with this method, you won’t waste a blank CD.

Disney’s Spaceship Earth went through a little reinvigorating recently, and as you may have heard, when it reopened, there was everybody’s favorite computer tinkerer sitting at a desk working on an Apple prototype– the one, the only Woz. Originally, Jobs was rumored to make an appearance on the historical ride inside Epcot Center, but no– Disney ended up going with the huskier and more bearded of the Apple founders.

You can click on the pic above (or hit the Read link below) for a bigger version of the image, to take it all in. The vintage Popular Mechanics on the wall behind the wooden monstrosity that would later become the Apple is a nice touch, as is the multiple pizza boxes behind him.

Iconic Hollywood director Steven Spielberg is not leaving DreamWorks, his spokesman has confirmed.

The denial comes after a report on the online edition of celebrity magazine Radar.

Radar’s radar kind of bounced off an incorrect source,” the spokesman said.

Spielberg’s relationship with DreamWorks’ parent Paramount, a unit of Viacom, has been the subject of intense speculation in recent months.

Radar reported on Tuesday that Spielberg was unhappy and leaving the studio he helped found 13 years ago. It cited sources deep inside Viacom.

DreamWorks was acquired by Paramount Pictures in 2005 for $US1.6 billion.

(Source: Variety )         For many, the idea of honoring visual effects in animated films elicits a simple reaction: “Huh?”

Which is short for: How can you separate out “visual effects” in movies entirely created by artists?

Some in the visual effects industry insist there’s an argument to be made for honoring effects in animated films. This Oscar season, Sony Imageworks is making that argument especially loudly, and it’s not alone.

(Source:          While I may be in the minority, I actually kinda enjoyed Batman Forever when it first came out back in 1995. This was before the franchise went through a much-needed reboot, taking on a darker and more serious tone, and I had fun with Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones in the roles of The Riddler and Two-Face, respectively. But that was then and this is now: AutoUnleashed tells us that the Batmobile from Batman Forever went up for auction recently, and the car sold for $297,000. Sounds like a lot, right? Well, consider the fact that the car’s worth was estimated at around $800,000 and that it cost roughly $2,800,000 to make.

Due out on Christmas Day, the “Star Trek” film began shooting in November and continues through March, without the on-set assistance of screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci.

Abrams is no slouch at writing himself, yet his hands are tied if he runs across something that sounded good on the page but not in front of the camera.

“J.J. Abrams, how does he not write?” Masters said. “I don’t understand how a WGA writer can turn off the writing part of his brain. You’ve got people wedged between not wanting to have their work turn out bad and not wanting to undermine their cause.”

(Source: Variety)        The latest and greatest CG creations for film are borne from their digital wombs so perfectly and pristinely that they’re nearly unbelievable — and that’s just the problem.

They lack the scratches, gouges, wear and tear, traces of grease and grime, even surrounding haze that every object in the real world would have.

So visual effects artists have had to become digital Pigpens, leaving a dirt trail in their wake, to make their creations more convincing.

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