Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Krystal Skull is rapidly approaching, and, as it does, we have more information than ever before about the details of the film. Here’s what we know so far. The film takes place in 1957, 19 years after the last one, which means that Indy has aged in real time. He’s looking for these crystal skulls which may or may not have been carved by aliens, and taking his sidekick Shia LaBeouf with him.
Also, instead of Nazis, the villainous group in this one will be Soviet Russia during the Cold War. Cate Blanchett will play a Russian agent named Agent Spalko. Ray Winstone, who played the title character in Beowulf, will be an unscrupulous archaeologist who tangles with Dr. Jones in his efforts.

By far the most popular question from our readers about the Princess Bride game is a simple one: Could you describe the gameplay? Is it a collection of mini-games? A point-and-click adventure?

A casual, narrative adventure game (controlled via mouse and spacebar) with elements and influences such as cartoons, platformers, management systems, quests, puzzles, carnival and rhythm games, unique inventory system and lots of great characters and story.

You heard that right, folks. Supposedly, AIBO is back… with a vengence. According to rumors, the fiesty-but-killed robo-dog from Sony is making a comeback with a new paintjob and whole slew of fresh features. First and foremost, the re-upped model will be tailored to interface wirelessly with your PSP and PS3, will have a built in headcam which utilizes a motion sensor and facial recognition, and can stream its POV video over WiFi to your system. In addition, you’ll apparently get to remotely trigger the bot with your handheld and control its movements, plus you can set it to “guard” your house (though we’re pretty sure most enterprising burglars will just turn the little dude on its side if provoked). Of course, right now this is speculation — Stuff Magazine’s piece on the subject (above) gives the rumored bot a 53-percent chance of becoming a reality — but there certainly seems to be some meat behind these murmurs. C’mon Sony — the pup deserves a second chance.

The holiday season: is here, giving us all time to reflect on the year that’s gone by and make a top ten list!

According to Time Magazine’s top ten list, the game of the year is Halo 3. Not too surprising… Halo 3 is followd by The Orange Box…which is not surprising…and then comes to the totally unsurprising Rock Band.

This year of mind-blowing videogames has spoiled everyone, even Time Magazine… in what other year in gaming history would Bioshock comes in number 5, and God of War 2 at number 10?

We know, we know, it may be difficult to understand how companies that lock you in the moment you decide on a phone / plan — only to be about as helpful as a bottomless bucket the moment turmoil arises — could be hated. Nevertheless, we can’t say we’re shocked at all to hear that cellphone providers are among the least liked in all of the service industries. In a recent report released by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, it was found that “fewer than half of respondents were completely or very satisfied with their cellphone service,” and sadly, that’s hardly different than in years past. Among the biggest gripes were high prices and mandatory contract extensions, and while pro-rated ETFs are fine and dandy, there’s still a few less notable carriers that haven’t swallowed that pill just yet. As for internal rankings, Verizon and Alltel each scored higher than the rest, and Sprint was found bringing up the rear.

Drew Curtis, the man behind funny link portal site Fark, recently filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office to get dibs on the acronym NSFW (“not suitable for work”).

The trademark rights would cover websites featuring photographic, audio, video and prose presentations featuring comedic captions regarding current events and online discussions and/or reviews of web materials of an adult nature, websites featuring musical performances, musical videos, related film clips, photographs, and other multimedia materials, and on-line reviews of photographs and /or web postings of an adult nature.

In other words, the trademark rights would cover everything FARK!

WGA, AMPTP unlikely to meet anytime soon

The tone of the WGA strike — now in its sixth week — keeps getting nastier, with both sides abandoning any pretense of diplomacy.In the wake of Friday’s meltdown of negotiations — spurred by the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers insistence that the Writers Guild of America remove half a dozen demands as a condition of continuing the bargaining — the WGA and AMPTP made it clear in dueling statements Monday that there’s virtually no chance of the sides getting back to the table anytime soon.

MacMall, Apple’s largest direct reseller, has extended many of its Black Friday deals, including hundreds of dollars in rebates on current iMac, MacBook and MacBook Pro models, each of which comes with free shipping, a free printer, and a free copy of Parallel’s Desktop 3.0.


The online retailer is stocking 17 configurations of Apple’s 13-inch MacBook, offering mail-in-rebates of $75 to $100 on each model. In addition, each order comes with either a free Espon Stylus CX7400 Color All-in-One printer or HP Deskjet F4180 All-in-One printer after rebate, plus a free copy of Parallels Desktop 3.0 after rebate, and a free Brenthaven Shoulder Case.

Mac News

CompUSA announced today that it will sell or shut down its remaining stores. Stores remaining open through the holiday season will feature heavy discounts on products to clear inventory.

CompUSA was once one of Apple’s largest resellers until Apple began pilot programs with Best Buy and CompUSA began downsizing earlier this year.

The retail chain had received approximately $2 billion in investment since 1999, however it was unable to return to profitability amongst fierce competition.

There’s been a definite trend towards service integration at Tivo lately, with quite a string of partnerships to show for it: the company’s gotten in bed with Music Choice, Picasa / Photobucket and Nero in the past couple weeks, not to mention the finally-happening Comcast rollout, Amazon Unbox and Rhapsody offerings. On top of that, the company is also finally capitalizing on its vast stores of aggregate viewer data, having entered into a deal with NBC to provide Nielsen-esque ratings data on a second-by-second basis. Given all the wheeling and dealing, it’s not at all surprising that CEO Tom Rogers told the New York Times that Tivo has “substantially moved in the direction of becoming a media company,” but it’s definitely a big shift for the DVR company, which until recently was something of an outsider. That’s all changed now, apparently — according to Rogers, “all the networks” are in talks to land similar ratings deals, and that the company is “aggressively” trying to partner with the media industry. That sounds about right to us — we haven’t mentioned the deathwatch in a while, after all — but we’re just hoping all of this doesn’t lead to even more targeted ads.

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