(Source: wired.com)          Don’t look for computer-generated Mickey Mouse dolls to show up in future releases from Pixar, the Northern California-based animation studio responsible for Disney’s Toy Story. A deal announced Monday to add three additional features to Pixar’s previous three-picture deal with Disney, will give Pixar a larger stake in the upcoming movies’ profits, but, says CFO Lawrence Levy, Pixar will retain creative control.

The nominees for the 12th Annual 2007 Satellite Awards have been announced by the International Press Academy.

Structured similarly to the Golden Globes, the Satellites honor both movies and television with the comedy and drama genres separate in many of the categories.

Also, like the GG’s, there are six nominees per category, which makes Oscar interpretations that much harder.  But we have a sneaking suspicion that Seth Rogen, talented as he may be, won’t be getting that early call on the morning of the Academy Award nominations.  So this honor shall have to suffice.

And the nominees are:

YouTube Preview Image


Scientists have been trying for years to come up with a way to predict quakes without much luck. But a man was able to predict Tuesday night’s Bay Area earthquake using a system he’s worked on for years.

On Sunday, Luke Thomas posted his quake prediction on his website called quakeprediction.com and on YouTube. Pointing to a brightly colored map of California, Thomas points to what he says are low-risk areas in the northeastern and southern parts of the state.

[Editor's Note: ....and remove most of the parking for the facility where I now work. Not to mention the nearby Presidio bowling alley.]

If Gap founder Don Fisher has his way, the historic red-brick barracks in the center of San Francisco’s Presidio will be joined by a two-story, 100,000 square foot museum clad in clear glass and white masonry.

The design unveiled today would house artwork from the collection assembled by Fisher and his wife Doris, with glass walls that show off – even to passersby who never enter the museum – sculptures by such artists as Richard Serra and Alexander Calder.

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