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Christmas is approaching, and what better way to wile away a minute or two than with a virtual snow globe? The kind folks at Pop Art created this iPhone Snow Globe that one ’shakes’ by changing the orientation of the iPhone. You’ll need to enter this URL in the Safari browser on your iPhone, so here it is to enter manually:


It’ll amuse you for a moment, and it is free so why not? That’s what the holiday season is all about, right?

Being a celebrity has its perks, not the least of which is pulling in a ton of cash on a regular basis. You do your job, you get paid, and your bank account grows steadily larger. But sometimes celebrities have extra-special paydays where their net worth increases dramatically from one day to the next. Not taking into account taxes and any future payouts, Forbes has crunched the numbers and figured out which celebrities had the biggest paydays in 2007 and what they did to earn all that money.

DreamWorks Animation, the makers of those cute and heart-tugging films like Shrek, Antz and Shark Tale, will soon be getting some of its brilliant animation work done from Bangalore. The Steven Spielberg-promoted studio signed a strategic alliance with Technicolor Servcies, a division of Thomson, the e6 billion media and entertainment group to develop “world animation abilities in India.

The deal allows Thomson to leverage its acquisition of Bangalore-based Paprikaas Studios, an animation and game content provider that the company bought for an undisclosed amount in February this year. Content services, of which animation is a part, contributed $500-600 million to the company’s turnover last year.

The Governator is eyeing a return to the big screen (Yep, we may just get see the old rusty T-800 in “Terminator Salvation” after all – doubtful though, me thinks).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the ageing Mr. Freeze has been inspired by buddies and fellow 80s action heroes Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis’s recent reign at the box office to whack his junk back up there on the white screen behind the red curtains.

According to the article, Schwarzenegger would possibly return to work in 2011.

Hollywood A-list Actors Turn To Game Projects

(            “There is no uncanny valley any more,” declares French developer

French developer Quantic Dream has told that it intends to secure some of the biggest names in Hollywood for its upcoming PlayStation 3 title, currently known as Heavy Rain.

With a new in-house motion capture studio, the Fahrenheit developer believes that it can successfully portray actor’s emotions – not just physical movement – with actors now interested in the script and story behind the game rather than worrying about the technology.

(Source: Wired) It seemed like a crazy idea. When Radiohead said it would release its new album, In Rainbows, as a pay-what-you-will digital download, you’d have thought the band had gone communist. After all, Thom Yorke and company are one of the world’s most successful groups — a critical darling as well as a fan favorite for nearly 15 years. They hadn’t put out a new album in more than four years, and the market was hungry for their next disc. So why would Radiohead conduct such a radical experiment?

Apple Inc. has been active filing patents for new technologies that could integrate into its product line, including a possible revival of the iPod Hi-Fi, wireless device ordering and lockdowns, and a new network-based anti-piracy scheme.

iPod Boombox

Although Apple was forced by poor sales to pull the iPod Hi-Fi from store shelves in September, a new US patent published on Thursday shows the electronics maker still exploring its own speaker accessories.

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(Source: Wired)  Wired has put together some of their “Best of the worst” lists for 2007. Click on the links below for more.

10. Steorn Orbo

9. Tesla Roadster

8. 802.11N

7. Diablo III

6. Windows Mobile 6 For Samsung Blackjack

5. Windows XP Service Pack 3

4. Optimus Maximus “Ultimate Keyboard”

3. Guns N’ Roses Chinese Democracy

2. Spore

1. Duke Nukem Forever

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