(Source: Variety) A WGA strike could have a fast and severe effect on post-production houses, especially those that get the bulk of their work from television.

“We’ll be biting the bullet and downsizing, trying to keep everyone we can employed, but this strike will affect more than writers and producers and production-side people,” said Post Group CEO Stephen Buchsbaum, expressing a viewpoint in sync with much of the industry’s post-production community.

Dailies, a significant portion of business for Post Group and other companies, would stop with shooting. “Production will stop on at least two of our (episodic dramas),” he said. “The other two will have two shows written and greenlit.”

Sony may sell parts of the units that created effects for “Spider-Man 3,” left, and the animation studio that produced “Surf’s Up.”

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 30 — Sony Pictures Entertainment is considering selling half of its fledgling animation studio, maker of the films “Surf’s Up” and “Open Season,” and even more of its thriving 15-year-old digital visual-effects company, which pioneered computer-generated imaging techniques in films like “Stuart Little,” “The Polar Express” and the “Spider-Man” movies.

‘ModMyiPhone’ has been one of the premier sites of information for iPhone hacks. They have apparently been contacted by Apple to no longer use ‘iPhone’ on their site. I received the following email from them this morning:

This email is to inform you that Apple has contacted us here on ModMyiPhone about their iphone trademark.  From here forward we are no longer using the domain of modmyiphone.com.  The new domain and site name is ModMyiFone.com

If you would like more details please refer here:

Sorry for the inconvenience, while the domain name has changed all of the posts, guides, support, and user accounts will be remaining intact.

It is unfortunately the case with Final Cut Pro that you are stuck with the video format you set when you created the project. You cannot change the video format once the project has been created. Having said that, you may have other options.

  • You mentioned that you tried creating a new anamorphic project and then copying your clips into it, but that the images appear stretched. You may be able to fix this within your input clips by adjusting their format without having to re-cut from scratch.
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