It’s taken quite a bit of effort for Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy sequel to get off the ground. The project has survived everything from low box-office numbers (not counting DVD sales) to studios dying, but somehow the sequel has made it into production and is currently filming in Budapest. In fact, del Toro’s dedication to Hellboy has been so fanatical, you’d almost think the director doesn’t have any other projects in mind, but you’d be wrong. In fact, it seems everyone reporting anything about Hellboy II: The Golden Army is also talking with Guillermo about other things he’d like to work on.

While director Neill Blomkamp claimed the Halo movie was “entirely dead” recently, that doesn’t mean the release of a Halo movie in one form or another wasn’t going to happen. While Universal and Fox, the two studios who planned on financing and distributing the movie have dropped out, Peter Jackson’s involvement means pre-production at Weta in New Zealand doesn’t have to stop.

The new Battlestar Galactica telemovie, Razor, will premiere in theatres before airing on TV sometime next month in America, according to Variety. Best of all, it won’t cost you a cent to see it at the movies!

The theatre showings, which are completely free, take place Nov. 12 in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas and Seattle.

Two weeks later the telemovie will air on the Sci Fi Channel in the states.

After years of David Duchovny talking about the sequel, and almost 10 years after the first feature, 20th Century is finally ready to start production on The X Files 2 with the actor in place to reprise his role of Special Agent Fox Mulder. Gillian Anderson is also expected to be back on board to play Special Agent Dana Scully.

Shooting is scheduled to begin on December 10 in Vancouver under the direction of series creator Chris Carter. Carter and Frank Spotnitz wrote the script.

The studio is referring to the film in casting breakdowns as “Done One.”

It isn’t unusual for a video game based on a film to try to draw elements directly from the film. Iron Man may be setting a new standard for that, however, since the computer models for the video games are the ones created by Industrial Light & Magic for the film.

In an interview with USA Today, Mike McHale, senior producer at Sega of America, said “”We are working very closely with the film director (Jon Favreau) and production staff, and they have actually given us the computer-generated model for Iron Man himself created by ILM and we’re able to put that into the game.”

Michael Kozicki, director of Arizona State’s Center for Applied Nanoionics, has developed a new type of computer memory that he claims is cheaper and more energy-efficient than current technology.

Researchers have developed a low-cost, low-power computer memory that could put terabyte-sized thumb drives in consumers’ pockets within a few years.

Thanks to a new technique for manipulating charged copper particles at the molecular scale, researchers at Arizona State University say their memory is, bit-for-bit, one-tenth the cost of — and 1,000 times as energy-efficient as — flash memory, the predominant memory technology in iPhones and other mobile devices.

fmx/08, the International Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Digital Media, will take place May 5-8 in Stuttgart, Germany, and will be partnering for the first time with the Visual Effects Society (VES).

fmx is organized by the Institute of Animation from the Filmakademie, Baden-Wuerttemberg in the not-for-profit interests of furthering and sharing technical knowledge, artistic inspiration and personal networks.

fmx builds upon last year’s success, as more than 6,000 visitors from 40-plus countries converged on Stuttgart to meet the top names of the animation, games and vfx industries.

29-year-old Oscar nominated Irish director Ruairi Robinson (“The Silent City”) is attached to direct the live-action film version of “Akira” – jesus, how many years have they been trying to make this now?! – according to Bloody Disgusting.

Stephen Norrington (“Blade”) was previously attached to direct but either his option expired, he stood up a producer or he balked when the studio told him Wesley Snipes couldn’t play the lead because he’s off.

(If I could put this under a double WTF category, I would)

Filmmaker George Lucas is urging schools to include his Indiana Jones films in their syllabi, as he strongly believes that his movies may serve as a potential educational tool in the classroom.

Referring to the difficulties faced by children in understanding history nowadays, Lucas expressed hopes that ‘The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Volume One’ would help improve pupils’ intellect.

“History for most kids starts with the release of Transformers. There’s just no concept of the last century whatsoever,” Contactmusic quoted Rick McCallum, Lucas’ producing partner on Young Indiana Jones, as saying.

Producer Joel Silver told reporters to expect a trailer for the Wachowski brothers’ upcoming film adaptation of the anime classic Speed Racer sometime around Christmas. Speaking at a news conference to promote Fred Claus, Silver said the live-action movie is “a wild ride,” adding: “There’s going to be a trailer out at Christmas, and it’s pretty spectacular. So you’ll see it pretty soon.”

Talking about his longtime collaborators, Silver said: “The Wachowski brothers can’t do anything easy. You know, they want to make it as hard as they possibly can. So it’s a movie that has a look that you have never seen before, and it’s really a vast panorama for the story.”

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