VANCOUVER: Canada’s West Coast province is extending its current 30% tax credit into 2013 to “help ensure B.C. remains competitive, and keep B.C. top of mind with producers,” according to Premier Gordon Campbell.

Kicking off British Columbia’s first Motion Picture Industry Week with a bang, the Oct. 19 announcement was hailed by stakeholders as a crucial boost to B.C. at a time when the industry is threatened by the U.S. greenback on par with the loonie.

Motion Picture Production Industry of B.C. chair Peter Leitch lauds the government’s early announcement as “fantastic.”

The NZ Film and Video Technician’s Guild has posted some very specific shooting dates for James Cameron’s Avatar, Hugh Jackman’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and even an apparent Underworld 3. They also posted unconfirmed info for Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones, which is already filming:

Underworld 3
Format: Feature Film
Dates: January – March 2008
Location: Auckland
Production Co: UW3 Film Productions Ltd

Format: Feature Film
Dates: Prep from October 8th; Shooting 10th Dec 2007 – 18th January 2008 (2 week break over Christmas 21st Dec 2007 – 7th January 2008)
Locations: Queenstown and surrounds
Production Co: WOZ Productions

What’s happening at the beginning? What goes on at the end? Not many science fiction films encourage the audience to ask those questions, as 2001 did. An essay on man’s destiny, the film was for some of its late-60s viewers a light show, a head trip, needing no earthbound explanations. But still, wouldn’t it be nice to know? Forty years after the movie was made, viewers get some answers in a new, 43min. extra, 2001: The Making of a Myth, produced by Jamie Doran, directed by Paul Joyce and hosted by James Cameron.

There are many reasons why people jump from one application to another in the creation of 2d or 3d assets. Not one program out there has it all just yet. As a result often times it’s better to start initial artwork in a more well rounded home program such as Maya or XSI and to do finishing touches in a program that’s sole purpose is to add that extra level of achievement.

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