Tuesday morning at ShowEast in Orlando, DreamWorks Animation’s Jeffrey Katzenberg spoke at a seminar titled “The Future of 3D in the Digital Age.” That seems to be the primary focus at ShowEast this year: the digital future and 3D content. On top of some rather interesting discussion from everyone at the seminar, one of the most exciting details pointed out by Katzenberg was that there is expected to be 12 to 18 full 3D movies by 2010.


The iPhone Thong Panties are available in black and white and the bidding starts at 10$.

That’s right folks. You read it correctly. Cats & dogs are living together, and in other news Steve Jobs has, via Apple’s ‘Hot News’ page, announced that Apple will, FINALLY, support third-party development of native applications for the iPhone.

The SDK will arrive, for iPhone and iPod touch (!), in February 2008 after MacWorld San Francisco. Apple “[is] excited about creating a vibrant third party developer community around the iPhone and enabling hundreds of new applications for our users,” but they are taking the time to do it properly “because we’re trying to do two diametrically opposed things at once — provide an advanced and open platform to developers while at the same time protect iPhone users from viruses, malware, privacy attacks, etc.”

The iToner saga continues. As you might recall, iToner (which allows you to create ringtones for your iPhone using any non-DRMed AAC or MP3 files) no longer worked with the iPhone 1.1.1 firmware. All seemed lost, but those crafty folks at Ambrosia figured out a way to get iToner working as a beta. The beta has now been released as a full fledged update.

iToner 1.0.3 costs $15 and requires OS x 10.4.10 or higher and an iPhone.

Micromat has released a free utility Syphone that “lets you view, save, and back up your SMS messages” which comes in handy given the storage limits of the iPhone. The application itself installs only on your Mac and “does not alter the iPhone in any way.”

Syphone is presently in beta and is a free download from Micromat.

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