It was all bells and whistles for the Master Chief last week, but it seems that the first person shooter has shot, er, prematurely. This week, it’s FIFA that’s scored.

According to MCV (the source, it seems, for all my news today), the Spiderman 3-beater has dropped 79% in UK sales and has been pipped for the top spot in the all-formats chart by the footy simulation.

How fickle. Perhaps that $10 million marketing strategy should have aimed for the long tail? (, the world’s most powerful Internet movie ticketing service, has revealed the results of a poll conducted among 2000 active moviegoers to determine which films scheduled for release over the next 12 months are generating the most interest. According to the highly-qualified pool of moviegoers, films based on existing properties such as the Indiana Jones, Batman and Chronicles of Narnia installments and Iron Man are of greatest interest, with only American Gangster and I Am Legend as the only original films breaking into the top 10. The poll results reveal early, valuable insight into which movies scheduled for release over the next year are generating the most interest among active moviegoers.

Pre-production is heating up on Disney/Pixar’s John Carter of Mars movie, based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs sci-fi series.

“The Pixar creative team spent Tuesday morning exploring the massive Edgar Rice Burroughs archives in the ERB, Inc. offices on Ventura Blvd. Pixar’s Jim Morris (vp), Andrew Stanton (director), Mark Andrews (script) discussed the ‘John Carter of Mars’ film project with Burroughs representatives, Danton Burroughs, Sandra Galfas and Jim Sullos,” says the site.

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