Remember Michael Dell’s legendary snub of Apple’s prospects? Back in 1997, Dell was publicly asked what he’d do with the recently re-Steve’d Apple if given the opportunity. “I’d shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders,” said Dell, earning the people’s denigration and infamy forever. Of course, how could he possibly know?

Really, it was just a matter of time until bad taste prevailed. Goldstriker International is now offering Apple’s iPhone dipped in 24 carat gold for your (even more) conspicuous consumption. The perfect accessory to your wife ornament and mojito while parked at the bar. The not so free-for-all begins mid-October for an undisclosed price.

The single mother found liable last week for illegally sharing copyrighted music and ordered to pay $222,000 in damages says she will appeal the verdict.

Jammie Thomas’ attorney says they plan to be record companies’ “worst nightmare,” basing their appeal on the ruling that merely making recordings available violates copyright law.

Record labels have sued more than 26,000 people for alleged improper downloading and music-sharing in recent years, but Thomas’ case was the first to go to trial….and subsequently she was the first to get her ass handed to her by the court.

But it ain’t over ‘till it’s over, baby…

As the long-running fight for US in-flight calling (or the lack thereof) rages on, it seems that we’re finally getting a definitive answer on the matter — for the time being, of course. According to Telegraph Travel, Les Dorr, of the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), stated that “proposals to lift the ban on in-flight mobiles had caused such an outcry [that] they had been dropped.” Furthermore, it was noted that aviation authorities had “ruled out the use of mobile phones on planes for the foreseeable future.” Unfortunately, there was little exaggeration beyond that, but it seems that in-flight calling on US flights is on hiatus for the time being.

Legendary folk-rock icon Bob Dylan is not who one generally thinks of when making a list of Internet marketing visionaries. Yet Dylan (or at least the people at his labels Columbia Records and Legacy Recordings) is being called just that due to his new Internet viral messaging campaign based on the legendary “Subterranean Homesick Blues” video.

In the clip, taken from D.A. Pennebaker’s documentary Don’t Look Back, Dylan stands in front of an alley and holds up cue cards that go with the lyrics. In the viral campaign, fans can go to and use an innovative state-of-the-art e-card to generate personalized versions of the legendary video.

The story of Pope Benedict XVI’s life — from his birth in Germany to his election as pontiff — is told through the eyes of a tabby cat called Chico in a new “children’s” book.

In “Joseph and Chico: A Cat Recounts the Life of Pope Benedict XVI,” the orange tabby cat tells readers the pope is “my dearest friend, a wonderful man with whom I’ve spent many happy moments.”

He recounts Benedict’s childhood and his passion for reading and playing the piano. The books depicts the future pope’s early steps in the Catholic Church, from when he entered a seminary in 1939 to his ordination as a priest in 1951.

Guess what kiddies? Now you can buy yourself a cell phone jammer disguised as a pack of Marlboro Lights cigarettes!

Yeeee haaaaw!

Yep, just flip open the lid, press the lil’ black button and every mobile phone in a 60-foot radius will go dead.

All that fu, confusion, horror and chaos for only $950!

(Social terrorism has just gone to another level…we’re all gonna die…)

China has extended their ban on internets freedom to RSS feeds, which many Chinese users were utilizing to bypass a lot of content blocks.

Now, it appears that all RSS feeds are being blocked, instead of just the ones that China would block due to content.

Perhaps the Chinese people should consult “Internet Expert” Kim Jong Il about how to get around this problem. He probably has a few ideas.

Yet another country that is being deprived of LOLCATS and Wikipedia. Sad face.

My pick of the week: Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey. Although I wonder if Nancy Drew will be meeting up with Indiana Jones in: Nancy Drew: Legend of Crystal Skull

The Orange Box – 360, PC (Includes: Half Life 2, HL2: Episodes 1 & 2, Portal, and Team Fortress 2.)
Game Preview

Folklore – PS3, PSP
X-Play Preview

Sega Rally Revo – PS3, 360, PC, PSP

Thrillville: Off the Rails - PSP, DS

Halo 3 brings us closer to God. We’re always screaming, “Jesus, I can’t believe that noob blowed me up,” and “Oh, God, not another jerk with a gravity hammer,” but now according to the New York Times, legitimate churches all over the country are following the lead of TheFeed’s sinister Satanic coven and using Halo 3 to lure impressionable young people in to teach ‘em about about the Big Baby J.

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