Ubisoft’s videogame based on the upcoming Paramount film is grounded in the ancient story of Beowulf. They have created an educational and bloody trailer that will give you a little history lesson about the epic poem. It also shows off some great gameplay footage.

Unfortunately, I can’t embed the video, but click here to watch (Warning: The video is rated “M” for Mature because there’s CG blood in it. Consider yourself warned!)

Researchers at the University of Michigan look to have made a fairly significant advance in the oft-explored field of plastics, with them now showing off a sheet of plastic that’s not only transparent, but as “strong as steel.” That impressive feat was apparently made possible by “mimicking a brick-and-mortar molecular structure found in seashells” or, more specifically, by mixing layers of clay nanosheets with a water-soluble polymer solution. That combination also apparently gave rise to what the researchers call the “velcro effect,” which allows any bonds that are broken to be reformed quickly, further adding to the materials strength. What’s more, to handle the tedious task of actually building the material, the researchers employed their very own robotic arm, which meticulously pieced together each layer of polymer and clay nanosheets, with 300 of each required to make a sheet the thickness of regular plastic wrap.

It’s no secret that Apple loves its touchscreens, and a freshly published patent application provides a little reinforcement to that belief. The documentation explores a method for tossing in pressure-sensitivity to touchpads in order to add functionality, or as Cupertino puts it, “a new element of control.” Furthermore, it’s noted that “force information may be used as another input dimension for purposes of providing command and control signals to an associated electronic device,” and it goes on to explain how spring membranes could be placed under the surface to detect force. Notably, the verbiage tends to “describe a touchpad like those used for the company’s MacBook lines,” but it does leave open the possibility for the newfangled pads to be used in mobile / portable devices such as the outfit’s own iPhone.

Nearly 15 years after “The X-Files” launched, Fox is looking to scare a new generation of viewers with “Fringe,” a spooky skein from the minds of J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. Net has made a series commitment to the Warner Bros.-Bad Robot production, which will start off with a two-hour pilot budgeted at more than $10 million. Abrams, Kurtzman and Orci — the brain trust behind Par’s new “Star Trek” feature — wrote the project on spec and shopped it to nets this week.

Trio will exec produce “Fringe” along with Bryan Burk (“Lost”). A search has begun for a pilot helmer as well as a series showrunner.

Think Geek will begin selling an exclusive bit of nerd apparel this month, the Wi-Fi Detector Shirt, a T-shirt that actually picks up Wi-Fi signals (from 802.11b and 802.11g networks) and allows wearers, and anybody within audible range, to hear them.

Incidentally, the shirt also allows wearers to get the crap kicked out of them by angry pedestrians who don’t want to listen to techno pop music emanating from some nerd’s chest.

Here’s a human-interface challenge for you: what’s quicker, typing in a three-digit channel number on a traditional 0-9 keypad, or locating a physical button for that channel in a 20-inch long rainbow gradient of 102 identically-sized buttons? Art Lebedev is apparently hoping to solve that age-old dilemma with the Pultius remote, a concept created in response to a challenge to “design a remote control with as many buttons as there are channels on TV.” Since it’s just a concept, there’s no word on price or availability, but really, haven’t we all learned not to expect that sort of thing from Art Lebedev at this point?

(Source: TUAW) Wow. The rumors were true — Bungie is “evolving” its relationship with Microsoft, and “embarking on a path” to become, once again, an independent developer. Pretty amazing.

Unfortunately, the press release from MS makes it sound like Bungie’s not quite free and clear yet. Microsoft expects Bungie to keep developing Halo, and working with them on future Halo-related projects. But that could be Microsoft just trying to look at things through rose-colored glasses. Or then again, it might not: the official word from Bungie is that they remain partners, and “nothing has changed.” What a shame.

(Source: superheroflix.com)         Recently we were invited up to Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) in the Northern part of California’s Presidio District to hear from certain Visual Effects people about the Transformers DVD. On tap to talk with us where Scott Farrar who served as the Visual Effects Supervisor and Second Unit Director on the film. We also talked with Associate Visual Effects Supervisor Russell Earl, Animation Supervisor Scott Benza and Creature Technical Director/Digital Production Supervisor Jeff White.

Louis Leterrier’s The Incredible Hulk promises to deliver maximum mayhem when the Hulk encounters…the Abomination!

For those critical of Ang Lee’s plodding Hulk (2003), Louis Leterrier’s (The Transporter, Transporter 2) non-sequel The Incredible Hulk promises to be much more action-packed. Few official details have been released at this time, but the script, written by acclaimed actor Edward Norton, who will also be playing the lead role of Bruce Banner/Hulk, apparently includes a titanic slug-fest between Hulk and his “evil twin,” the Abomination, played by Tim Roth.

Just two months ago, the media received word that New Line was softening its position against Peter Jackson in hopes of a possible Hobbit movie somewhere in the near future. The hostility went from the studio head Robert Shaye saying “So the answer is he will never make any movie with New Line Cinema again while I’m still working for the company.” to “Notwithstanding our personal quarrels, I really respect and admire Peter and would love for him to be creatively involved in some way in The Hobbit.”

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