Motorized action straight from the Star Wars™ movies!

Behold the power of the Empire! For the first time ever, the ultimate Motorized Walking AT-AT is ready to crush the Rebel Alliance at your command. Thanks to the new Power Functions System, the mighty All-Terrain Armored Transport really walks forward or backward into battle!

  • Features an opening cockpit and rotating laser cannons!
  • Motorized Walking AT-AT really walks and its head moves up and down!
  • Handle on top allows for easy transport!
  • Stands over 12″ (30 cm) tall and over 14″ (36 cm) long!
  • Includes AT-AT Pilot, General Veers, Snowtrooper and Luke Skywalker with grappling line and lightsaber!
  • Includes battery box and motor!
  • Requires 6 AA (1.5V) batteries, not included.

Get yours here

As you’ve probably already figured out, only one creation can emerge when you combine Elmo and Robosapien: ElmoSapien. This admittedly bizarre mishmash of toys combines WowWee’s Robosapien RS Media and Sesame Street’s famed Elmo (or his costume, at least) into one creature that somehow manages to look innocent and menacing simultaneously.

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s what it looks like when 10,000 watermelons roll down a mountain in Oblivion. It gets really good towards the end when he starts running down the mountain and blowing them up.

YouTube Preview Image

LucasArts released the full list of Xbox Live Achievements for Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga this morning. Among the amusing ways to achieve 1000 points in the upcoming compilation videogame:

  • Revenge: Destroy The Emperor with Kit Fisto
  • Crossover: Destroy Anakin with Vader
  • Crossover: Destroy Jango Fett with Boba Fett

But the achievements bound to warm the hearts of Star Wars fans everywhere most:

  • Crowd Pleaser: Beak Jar Jar 20 times.
  • Shoot first: Shoot first.

Full list after the break

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Bad news for 1200 eBay users: your account has been compromised!

A hacker posted the information of around 1200 accounts on eBay’s Trust and Security forum from each account that was stolen.

The information posted included the names of users, addresses, phone and credit card numbers. However, eBay claims that that credit card numbers that were posted do not match the ones they have on file for those customers.

eBay does not yet know how the accounts were compromised, but if it’s only 1200 out of all of the eBay users… I’m is betting these fools fell for an email link scam.

Shortly after Rock Band was first announced for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, retailers posted product pages for the game’s various instruments and an all-in-one bundle. However, Harmonix and MTV Games remained stubbornly mum on the subject of pricing and package options for the music game.

That changed today when a Harmonix rep confirmed for GameSpot that’s latest changes to the game’s price and release date are accurate. The online retailer is currently listing the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 bundles of the game for $169.99, with a November 23 release date.

One of the best things about Halo 3 is the Forge mode, but it can be a pain in the warthog to create a new map from scratch each time you get an idea.

That’s why one player has gone through all of the trouble for you. Chevmeister has created blank map variants and shared them on

Players can download these blank slates and get right to the editing.

Remember, if you log into your account and have your gamertag linked, you can set these maps to download the next time you boot up Halo 3.

With the iPhone 1.11 firmware update, Apple has disabled custom ringtones for the moment. So let’s take a moment to examine the idea of ringtones.

Ringtones just used to be midi files that people made and shared, but now it’s a huge business, but why are we paying for them?

Say I go out and buy Arctic Monkey’s Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not album and I want to use 30 seconds of Fake Tales of San Francisco as my ringtone. I’ve already purchased the album, imported the tracks into iTunes and put them on my iPhone.

I can’t use it as a ringtone without coughing up $2 to Apple for the “right” to use it as a ringtone. Hold up… that sounds like a scam.

Do you have the right to listen to a random 30 seconds of a track while driving in your car? Sure you do, don’t be silly.

Do you have the right to listen to the same 30 seconds of a track on your iPod and your iPhone? Of course! Why wouldn’t you?

Do you have the right to listen to the same $!@*ing 30 seconds of a track when someone calls you? NO!

Ringtone rights are a complete fabrication and everyone needs to complain to Apple, AT&T, Verizon and all the other providers right now.

Tech company HP is working on a unique handheld video game (Roku’s Reward) that uses GPS, cameras and a portable console to combine real-life environments and gaming. Its an interesting idea, but not particularly practical. I can see the lawsuits beginning on day one when the first kid, staring at virtual world on his screen, gets mowed down by traffic.

It’s hard to explain but easy to understand; check out the trailer:

YouTube Preview Image

Despite how little effect it is having and how it widens the gap between the music manufacturers and consumers, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is carrying on with its ridiculous fight against illegal downloading with the release of 403 new pre-litigation settlement letters to 22 different universities inform them of a forthcoming copyright infringement lawsuit against its students or personnel. Among hr universities are Arizona State University, University Of Massachusetts and University Of Wisconsin.

This wave marks the eighth time the RIAA has issued such threats on behalf of the major record companies over the past three and a half years.

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