It’s a shame dieting can be so boring and exercise, for the most part, is such a chore. However, fashion fan and skinny girl, Jessica Alba might have found a way around the boredom. Alba, who apparently shuns diets and personal trainers, has taken up a Nintendo Wii workout.

Nintendo Wii is the must-have video game console that works up a sweat. (Yep, a gaming system that isn’t associated with sitting on your behind wasting the day away.) Nintendo Wii isn’t just for dudes either. With Wii tennis and Wii boxing you can burn about 560 calories per hour. Nintendo is even coming out with a new game called Wii Fit that will be just like having a personal trainer.

Not that anyone who lives in the fair city of San Francisco was really all that confident that the muni WiFi project would ever make it off the ground — even despite Major Gavin Newsom’s best intentions — but now it looks like bad’s gone to worse. As you may have read, yesterday EarthLink laid off nearly a thousand employees, and word came today that addition to that news, it’s latest corporate restructuring would have it completely backing out of investments in its San Fran WiFi project contract, as well as the WiFi contracts in other cities. Again, not the most earth quaking news, given the word we received from the city that they were more or less pulling the plug anyway.

CNET’s Don Reisinger has a great article up about what may have been Steve’s Master Plan: letting an iPhone unlock happen.

Pretty ingenious if it’s true. Basically, Reisinger maintains two things: that Apple is a hardware company, and that AT&T was just a means to an end for them. If hackers are able to unlock the iPhone, Apple will lose a little bit (because they do get a small cut of service plans), but they’ll still sell iPhones, and AT&T will lose everything. Jobs “did his part”– he closed off the iPhone and declared an exclusivity deal. But now that we’re on the verge of completely unlocked iPhones, Apple has no real incentive to cut it out. has a feature about the upcoming Jaguar XF, and an interview with the designer, Ian Callum.

The interview concludes with Callum talking about the new Jaguar’s gearshift mechanism (“JaguarDrive”), and claims that Apple has had some involvement with their design:

‘Step inside and the starter button starts to pulsate like a heartbeat. Press it and the car comes to life. The air vents rise up and the JaguarDrive Selector pops up. We took so much comment on the old J-gate change and felt it was time for a change. The dial takes up less space, too. We have been working with Apple on control interfaces.

Labor Day is all about honoring our nation’s working people by having sales! That way, people who actually labor has to go to work and sell us mattresses, but everyone else can enjoy a BBQ and a nice nap. Thankfully, Xbox is bringing bargain basement games to the people on Labor day weekend. Four titles from the Xbox Live Arcade are having their prices slashed and decimated. Check it out:

  • Gauntlet
  • Dig Dug
  • Small Arms
  • Zuma Deluxe

Gauntlet and Dig Dug will be 200 Microsoft points each, or $2.50. Small Arms and Zuma Deluxe will be cut to 400 Microsoft points, or $5 a pop.

So git em while they’re inexpensive. The sale begins this Sunday and continues through Monday.

The iPhone home screen doesn’t scroll. This 16-application limit is just a reality most users have come to accept. Third party developers have turned to launcher apps that search for additional applications and let you choose one from a list. Today, Nate True introduced an iPhone mod that smashes these launchers into yesterday’s news.

True’s Dock package loads your entire application collection into a single usable list that appears directly on your homescreen. Just use a finger to scroll the bottom row of icons left or right and tap the application you want to launch.

First-person PC shooter Kwari is separating itself from the pack of shooting games with an interesting revenue structure. Get this:The game is free to download and free to play. But the company sells you your ammunition. Here’s the cool part:

Kwari pays you cash-money for your kills.

Gamers playing Kwari for cash set up an account, are matched on the basis of skill, and enter a game at a pre agreed stake level ranging from one cent to one dollar a hit. During the four-round matches, every time a player hits another, money is decremented from the target’s stake and added to the shooter’s. In a way, the player’s money stake mirrors their in-game health, except it’s exchanged from one player to another. Think of it as an anti-social-network.

If you’re a male between 18-34, and you’re jonesing for humorous animation on your Xbox 360: The first two seasons of The Family Guy will be available on your home console, starting Monday.Xbox 360 owners will be able to purchase each of the episodes from the first two seasons as well as the straight-to-DVD film Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story for 160 Microsoft points, or about $2.

Jamie McCabe, executive vp at 20th Century Fox, noted the perfection of the demographic consistency of The Family Guy and Xbox users. “It’s about as perfect a demographic fit as we can get,” He enthused.

YouTube Preview Image

While iPhone hacking remains a sport for the brave, the utility infrastructure to give Grandma iPhone User the same tweaking power as the most l33t denizen of #iphone is coming along nicely, thanks. Now at version 3, iFuntastic provides a GUI for almost any iPhone modification task you might reasonably want to do to your ($500, possibly instantly out-of-warranty) iPhone.

New features in this version include: PowerPC support, so G4 and G5 users may join in the fun; a ‘permanent jailbreak’ tool called Unshackling; multiple, editable home screen layouts with custom wallpaper; and simplified/improved ringtone installation. You can download iFuntastic (needless to say, use at your own risk) from iPhoneAlley or Macenstein and go to town.

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