The latest incarnation of Digital Domain, arguably (yeah, I’ll argue with you about it) one of the VFX industry’s major studios, has recently launched their new site and logo (I overheard more than one person saying that the logo is a bit too reminiscent of Chanel as they passed the DD booth at Siggraph. I’ll leave the “double D” part the of logo alone for you to ponder yourself).

For you budding VFX artists, they have included a plethora of behind-the-scenes Quicktime movies for your viewing pleasure.  You can find them at > Features > Behind The Scenes.

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Heroism Hoodie

Len Wiseman (Live Free or Die Hard) will direct a New Line remake of Escape From New York, which will star Gerard Butler (300) and be produced by Neal Moritz.

Black Hawk Down screenwriter Ken Nolan is penning the script. Executive producers include Original’s Ori Marmur; Ron Halpern and Frederic Sichler of Canal Plus, which held the remake rights; and John Carpenter, who directed the original 1981 film.

Butler is portraying Snake Plissken, the convict and war hero who’s sent into a futuristic Manhattan — which has been turned into a giant maximum security prison — to rescue the president of the U.S. after his plane is knocked down by terrorists.

Director Tarsem Singh (The Cell) will direct The Unforgettable, a science fiction thriller from Warner Bros. Pictures being produced by Basil Iwanyk,  David Goyer and Jason Hall.

The Unforgettable, originally titled “Species X,” centers on a cop who in the course of a murder investigation realizes that he is not human and uncovers a war between good and evil aliens.

The project is based on the Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment video game “The Condemned: Criminal Origins,” which Hall and Nathan Hendrickson created. Hall most recently was senior vp WBIE and oversaw such games as “300: March to Glory,” “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” and “The Matrix Online.”

Masi and Heroes’ Visual Effects Coordinator Mark Kolpack talk about their “special bond.”

YouTube Preview Image

(In addition to the following information regarding changes to Siggraph 2008, next year they will begin holding “Siggraph Asia” which will move around from country to country in the area from year to year. It is still unknown what impact this will have on the main Siggraph conference in the US)

After attracting 24,043 to San Diego last week for SIGGRAPH 2007, the 34th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, the 2008 edition will institute fundamental conference changes “to bring attendees a synergistic, educational experience resulting from a content selection process that affords focus on timely industry themes rather than strictly on presentation type. The conference changes will be enacted in 2008 and are also anticipated to further foster more fluid cross-program collaboration.”

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