Here’s one for you globetrotting iPhone fans out there. The Cool Gorilla Talking Phrasebook is a nifty little iPhone site that offers a foreign language phrasebook in five European languages (French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish). It presents you with cascading menus in various categories (travel, food & drink, etc.) to find the phrase you need. Then not only does it display the phrase (“Sprechen Sie Englisch?”), it also embeds an MP3 of a native speaker saying the phrase in the other language

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Plug your iPhone into the dock and bring up iTunes. It will download and install firmware v1.0.1. But don’t get all excited. This is not a ‘major’ update but seems to only be minor bug fixes. There was a major security problem found in Safari about a week ago, this seems to mainly be a fix for that problem. Although, here are some notes from people who have done the update:

  • “Option to BCC yourself, mail is much faster. Messages load instantly. Yahoo push mail is swift.”

Drew Barrymore is executive producing an 80’s music video game show for VH1 to be released this fall called ‘Clash of the Music Videos’. The show will pit two contestants against each other with a shoestring budget to remake a classic 80’s music video, with the victor being chosen by the stars of the original. ‘Clash of the Music Videos’ is set for VH1’s fall 2007 lineup.

It’s not clear yet if Barrymore will appear on the show. No pop stars have yet been attached.

‘WolfQuest’ teaches you about the social interactions and behavior of real life wolves. Edu-tainment at its best! Learn how to howl, growl and lift your leg to take a leak like a wolf.

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It seems like everyone is hopping on the in-flight WiFi bandwagon these days, with American Airlines only the latest to offer the desirable service, joining the likes of Lufthansa, Qantas, and others. For its system, American Airlines is relying on the expertise of AirCell, which is promising to get things up and running on at least some flights sometime next year.

Initially, the in-flight WiFi will only be offered on American Airlines’ fleet of Boeing 767-200 aircraft, which primarily fly transcontinental routes. From the looks of it, however, the service won’t be a freebie, with American Airlines saying it’ll announce the cost of the service at the time it’s rolled out.

The American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP) has launched a music-licensing crackdown lawsuit against over two dozen venues for allegedly failing to pay royalties to play copyrighted music in public.

ASCAP says that besides broadcasting songs over the radio, television and Internet, the definition of performing copyrighted music includes playing it “any place where people gather,” with the exception of small private groups. FYI, that even includes playing background music, music played by a DJ, and music-on-hold. So on Monday, ASCAP filed 26 separate infringement actions against venues in 17 states to spread the word that performing such music without permission is a federal offense.

Rock Band nabbed the Best in Show award at the Joystiq E3 2007 Awards. Bioware’s Mass Effect scored Best Console Game and Best RPG, while Xbox 360 was the platform with the most wins (11) and Electronic Arts was the publisher with the most wins (6…three for Rock Band!). Nintendo only won for The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass on the DS, making them the biggest losers of the awards…

Be aware that this is ‘Best in Show’ for E3 2007, not awards for actual released games.

Click here for the full list.

Despite a catchy 1890s soundtrack and realistic-feeling game play, Sousaphone Hero, the third installment of Activision’s massively popular Guitar Hero video game franchise, sold a mere 52 copies in the United States in its opening week, the company reported Monday.

"In the wake of Guitar Hero’s success, we thought the public was more than ready for additional popular American musical genres in a simulated-performance format, but people don’t seem to be responding to marches as well as we had hoped," said Activision spokeswoman Melissa Hendleman, whose company spent an estimated $25 million developing the game for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii consoles.

Blizzard’s annual fan conference is this Friday and Saturday. I’ll update with further information as is takes place. But for starters, here are the contents that registered attendees are receiving in their ’swag bag’.

  • An in-game World of Warcraft Murloc suit code for players
  • A beta key for an undisclosed, upcoming Beta game. Could it be the new WoW expansion?
  • Colossus magnet from Starcraft 2 for your fridge.
  • Blizzcon Souvenir Show guide (don’t worry, we’ll be your guide)
  • World of Warcraft t-shirt manufactured by JINX
  • ‘Heroes of Azeroth’ starter deck for the World of Warcraft Trading card game

Texterity is a company that specializes in digitizing popular magazines. They now have an iPhone portal. It’s pretty cool – Touch the magazine you’d like to read and you’re presented with several options, including the table of contents and a search function.

The fun is in displaying each page in a grid. Touch any one to make it go full-screen. From there, you can resize and move between pages easily.

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