Things go fast in the iPhone world. Yesterday, I posted about Nate True’s scrolling dock application. Today brings an entirely new generation of Dock. Dock 2.0 introduces a sunshine-bright hot spot on your iPhone’s lower right corner. Drag out from there and the iPhone presents you with a curved selection arc. Move your finger along the arc to choose an application to open. The currently selected application echos just below the arc so you know which item you’re selecting. It’s a lot easier to use than it sounds and feels a lot like picking a name in the address book using the A-Z slide control.

Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morrello has been confirmed as a boss in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, joining Guns and Roses axeman Slash at the top of the pantheon of digital representations of famous guitar players.

“Whenever I play Guitar Hero my opponent always kicks my ass on my own riffs,” Morello told Rolling Stone. “It’s embarrassing. Now that I’m actually in the game I hope the digital me will win once in a while!”

The game comes out for the PS3, 360 and Wii in October.

Rock legend David Bowie is set to star in the next series of British TV series Doctor Who, playing an alien. Producers of the BBC show have targeted the singer because of his “great other-worldly looks” according to reports. British newspaper The Sun claims the 60-year-old will clash with actor David Tennant’s Doctor in a two-part episode of the show, which will be aired next year. A source tells the newspaper, “Bowie said he’d be interested as long as he’s not subjected to hours of disfiguring make-up.”

Researchers at USC have created a 360-degree holographic display and like true geeks, displayed a TIE-Fighter on it.The display will show an 360-degree image from all sides, distances, and heights using ” a spinning mirror covered with a ‘holographic diffuser,’ a special DVI implementation, and a high-speed projector”

I saw this at Siggraph. Fairly interesting, but not much in the way of practical usage. The holographic display generated in thin air by charged ions from last year was much more cool.

YouTube Preview Image

The New York Post is reporting that Apple will shortly begin selling iPhone ringtones through the iTunes Store by allowing users to convert any iTunes song into a ringtone for an additional fee. Perhaps even more interesting is the claim that “Apple will also allow users to convert songs they have previously purchased through iTunes into a ringtone” and that users will be able to use any part of the song. From Apple’s perspective this seems like an absolute no-brainer, with ringtones being a multi-billion dollar business worldwide. From a user perspective, however, the prospect of paying even more to turn I song I already bought into a ringtone is asinine, especially considering that there are free methods for getting ringtones on your iPhone. What do you think? What (if anything) would you be willing to pay to convert your iTunes purchases into iPhone ringtones? (The image shows a Ringtone tab in iTunes that engadget captured back in January at the iPhone’s debut).

[Be aware that there is a major Apple event next Wednesday and most believe that besides new iPods, Apple will be announcing the availability of iPhone ringtones through the iTunes store]

Ambrosia today released iToner, a new piece of Mac software to manage custom iPhone ringtones. iToner allows you to create iPhone ringtones just by dropping audio files on the faux iPhone interface and syncing. Best of all it does not require any kind of “modifying, hacking or having to reset your iPhone.” Of course there are free ways of doing something similar, though without the nice eye candy. And rumor has it that Apple itself will shortly get into the ringtone business, though personally I’d rather pay once than be nickle-and-dimed for each and every ringtone.

HEROES star MASI OKA stole pens from part-time employer GEORGE LUCAS’ special effects company Industrial Light + Magic. Oka works one or two days a week as a CGI artist at ILM, despite playing Hiro on the cult superhero show. He says, “I stole a lot of pens. But I’m still an employee. “I can’t guarantee I’ll be around long enough to hit deadlines, but I am doing some consulting. “I can’t steal anything, yet. Officially. But when I leave.”

This is no joke, no lie. After her oft watched incoherent answer during the Miss Teen USA Pageant, Miss South Carolina went on the Today Show for following interview where she reveals that her future plans are for a career in visual effects for movies (the question comes at the very end of this clip).

YouTube Preview Image

“My goal is to attend Appalachian State University, major in graphic design. Once graduated from there, go to LA and go into the International Academy of Design Technology, major in special effects, learning to design special effects for movies and television.”

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