The iPod has become so entrenched in today’s culture that Apple is apparently looking for new ways to market them into the saturated market. Enter the Apple Corporate Gifting And Rewards Program. You can have your company logo engraved on the back of iPods in addition to having them “pre-loaded” with your very own corporate content (touted on Apple’s site as useful for employee training or product seminars). And, of course, they offer ’special pricing’ for ‘volume orders’.

Can anyone say: “ILM 2007 Xmas Gift”? (oh, wait, excuse me, that should read “Holiday Gift”)

Gail Knight’s vibrating GPS hoops are nothing short of a traveler’s dream come true, as these fanciful finger adornments work in conjunction with a neck-worn GPS controller to direct you to your destination via simple buzzing cues. The rings vibrate in a variety of manners to instruct the wearer which direction to go, which could certainly help an English tourist in Japan feel a lot more at home.

There are far too many comments I could make here regarding other uses for these ‘vibrating rings’. How about a nice game of ‘hide and go seek’ – “You’re getting warmer. Warmer. You’re hot……”

XM and Sirius have already talked a bit about some of their post-merger pricing schemes, but it looks like that’s not all they have in store, with Reuters now getting word of some additional changes coming once the deal is done. Specifically, the companies are now saying that they’ll be offering a subscription package “priced 46 percent below current levels,” along with an option for customers to buy packages of their favorite channels. While exact pricing is still unclear, the “a la carte” programming would apparently be available “within one year following the merger” — whenever that actually happens.

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It is awful hard to tell whether this is a mockery of the Zune or ‘true’ Zune love. For my own sanity, I need to believe that it a mockery.

Amazon and GameStop now have all the instruments for Rock Band available on their sites for pre-order. You can snag a bundle for either the 360 or PS3 that includes the game, guitar, microphone, and drum set for $199, although you’ll still have to wait until November 20th to actually get it. The whole lot is also available individually, with the game running $60, the microphone $30, and the drum set $80. Somewhat curiously, the 360 version of the wireless guitar is listed at $80 on both Amazon and GameStop, while the PS3 version only costs $50, although GameStop still says that the prices are “subject to change.”

WETA has built a fully-functioning Warthog (the primary vehicle from the Halo games). It features four-wheel steering, for a powerful off-road vehicle, is built at full scale, and of course has a machine gun on the back.

The Warthog is currently being used to create more Halo 3 “live action shorts” like the one shown at E3. But, undoubtedly, it will ultimately be for the Halo feature currently under development.

I wonder if it can be flipped back over with the press of a button ;)

I posted last week about the upcoming ‘mid-level’ priced TiVo Series 3 Lite’ (S3L) box that is supposed to be coming soon. Well, “soon” is basically “now” as it is expected to be released this week and possibly tomorrow.

There’s additional Series 3 TiVo news in that the (currently disabled) eSATA* port on the back of all Series 3 boxes will be enabled shortly with a software update. What that means to you is that you’ll be able to easily add external storage for your Series 3 box. Particularly good news since the new mid-level boxes have half (or less) the storage of the current high-end ones. Best Buy will have the retail exclusive on the external drive, which will supposedly be a small striped RAID array.

The most recent step forward in hacking into the iPhone is a big step, but probably only interesting in the more geeky of us.

In short, they’ve figured out how to ’ssh’ and ’sftp’ into the phone. For the less technical people, that means that you can do a ’secure shell’ login to the iPhone from any shell or terminal window, as well as ’secure ftp’ for transferring files back and forth. For the true Unix-heads, they’ve now been successful at compiling ‘curl’ and ‘ps’ commands for the iPhone and are working on ‘grep’ right now.

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The following was posted on Howard Forums about 2 weeks ago, so some it may be old news. But this particular post, by the “friend” of someone at Apple, has some quite specific details about what will be available in the software update for the iPhone coming sometime in the next two months. Most of my personal gripes are addressed here.

I’ve reported on the hacking on couple items in this log before. For example there is a hack to make it possible to use your iPhone as a portable drive as well as browse the file system. But, it’s encouraging that Apple is paying attention to what needs to be fixed as well as what people want. (Click through for the info):

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