I’d like to apologize to any of my faithful readers who may have posted comments in the past couple months that haven’t shown up on the site. I’ve been receiving an ever increasing amount of spambot ‘comments’ with the weekly count topping 1000. The only possible way for me to manage them up until this point has been to ‘batch’ delete all the comments because there is simply no way for me to sift through to find the ‘real’ ones. But I have, hopefully, eradicated the problem with a plugin. There’s a new counter in the lower left hand column which now keeps track of all the spam automatically killed. As of this writing, just 24 hours after installation, the counter reads 275. That’s a LOT of spam.

Just so you know how ‘comments’ work on my page, the first time you post a comment I have to manually ‘approve’ comments from you. After you’ve been approved once, all subsequent comments will automatically be validated. Unfortunately, since I’ve been manually batch deleting spam out of necessity, some people’s email addresses may have been incorrectly marked as ’spam’. If you do try to post in the future and don’t see your comments, please send me an email and I will correct your status as a ’spammer’.

If you’ve posted a comment that you haven’t seen show up in the right hand column ‘comments’ column, my most sincere apologies.

Testing iPhone Wordpress app.

Readers of TekLog,

I wanted to let you know that I’m trying out a new plugin for the site which will hopefully cut down on spam “comments”. It has gotten to the point where I’m getting 100+ spam “comments” a day which is making it increasingly time consuming to manage the site. The way I’ve tried to set up comments to be as easy as possible for you, the reader. So the way it works is that when you enter a comment, it asks you for a “Name” and email address (which is never shown anywhere publicly, just to me as the administrator). If you have commented before (using the same email address), the new comment is automatically ‘approved’ and shows up immediately. If it doesn’t recognize the email address, the comment goes into a administrative ‘holding area’ where I have to manually “Approve” it (in which case, all subsequent comments from the same email address automatically go through), or I can delete it or mark it as spam. But, as I said, it has become incredibly time consuming to go through 100+ “comments” a day about prescription pills, porn, etc, trying to make sure that I don’t miss a legitimate comment.

So today I have installed a plugin which will supposedly help cut down on spam comments getting through. These kinds of plugins can be buggy and cause a random assortment of unwanted behavior. So I am asking you to please let me know if you have any trouble accessing the site, making comments or anything else as its kind of hard to debug without your input. Outside of any of the spam issues, I fully welcome comments and suggestions about what you’d like to see on the site, its functionality, etc.

I hope you enjoy this site and find it at least amusing and informative.

I’ve set up this site up so you can now ‘digg’ posts (or use other similar sites). The ‘digg’ button doesn’t currently show up on main page of post summaries. If you want to ‘digg’ a post, click the post title (which is also how you see comments) and the ‘digg’ button is at the bottom.

For those of you not familiar with ‘digg‘ type “collection” or “tracking” sites, it is a way to share posts that you think are interesting with others. Basically, you can click on the ‘digg’ button at the bottom of a full post (see above) and it will send a link for that post to the ‘digg’ site as a “popular” post. If you go to the digg site, you’ll see a ‘counter’ next to each post showing how many people ‘digg’ that post. The more popular, the higher it ends up on their page. If you want to find obscure and strange posts that are “hot” at the moment. Digg is a good place to find it.

You can also create your account on ‘digg’ that you can share with friends so you friends can easily see what you’ve been reading. In addition to ‘digg’ I’ve also added buttons for the most popular “collection”/”tracking sites like this: ‘del.icio.us‘, ‘co.mments’, ‘Fark‘, ‘SlashDot‘ and ‘Technorati

Just as an FYI. I’m at Siggraph this week, so updates for this site will be slow at best. I’ll try to update in evenings when I can.

If you would like access to the Siggraph pages for contact and party information, just send me an email at: nmancer@ix.netcom.com

Due to popular demand, I’ve added two kinds of ‘feeds’ for this site. You can get subscribe to the RSS feed or you can receive a daily summary of new articles to your email address.

RSS Feed: To get a standard RSS feed, click on the “Subscribe to my feed” button in the right side menu. You’ll be given a choice of RSS feed sources. For example, if you select “Google”, it will add an RSS feed tab on your ‘iGoogle’ page. You can also get the RSS feed without even subscribing by creating a bookmark in your normal browser to this link. If you put that bookmark on your main browser bar, it will show you when there are new articles. Check in your browser to see how to enable RSS feeds.

I’m making some adjustments to the site to make it more accessible and easier to read. Taking into account the verbosity of many of my posts, I’ve made a minor adjustment which cuts off all posts larger than a certain length, but adds a link at bottom to “Read the full post”. This way people will be able to scan through the latest posts more quickly. But for those interested in the full text, they can click to read further.

Please feel free to post comments on this or any other features on the site about what you do or don’t like.

I just added a new plugin for this site that makes it easy for anyone to “share” a post. If you want to send a post to a friend, simply click the new “Share This” button at the bottom of any post. It will bring up a window where you can put in the person’s email address to send it to them. It also gives you the option of “sharing” the post with a number of different “social bookmarking” sites if you wanted.

I’ve added a new plugin for contributers to the site that want to include embedded YouTube or Google videos in their posts. Instead of having to deal with all the confusing and frustrating “embed” code when writing a post, there are new buttons on the post writing page. Just click the new “YouTube” button on the regular Visual post page and paste in the URL of the YouTube video (NOT the code that says <embed>, just the URL) and it will automatically work for you. Be aware that you won’t actually see the YouTube video on your editing screen, but it will be there when you “Preview” or “Publish”.

I’m thinking of adding an area on the right side of this main page with a running list of the latest comments. Right now its not apparent when comments are made. Now I just have to figure out how to do it ;)

(Yeah, I’m stealing this idea from ‘Entertainment Geekly’)

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