While I appreciate that Apple included Google Maps on the iPhone, the ‘real time’ traffic info in that app is only moderately useful as it is limited to ‘color coding’ traffic speed on major freeways. Now we have a very detailed alternative, kaTraffic. This widgsite (as usual, you can add it to your ‘dashboard’ through Appleopolis) will give you highly detailed information about all traffic conditions based on zip code. Once you enter your zip code it will return a list of everything from construction and accidents, to objects in roadway and simply “slow traffic”. Select any occurrence in the list and it will give you very detailed info such as which lanes are affected, if CHP is on site and whether a tow truck has been dispatched to the location.

Similar to the previously mentioned PodSeeQ, there is another new widgsite called SampleSwap specifically dedicated to unsigned ‘electronic’ music artists. Just select a song, it will ‘download’ (very quickly) to your iPhone for immediate listening. You can search by music category or artist name. As a side note for both of these sites, as soon as the song is downloaded it will start playing in ‘Quicktime’ giving you access to standard on-screen controls. You can also leave the browser and do anything else you’d like on your iPhone while its playing.

Are you ever listening to the radio and find yourself asking “What song is that?”, well now you can find out. There’s a new widgsite that displays a real time “Now Playing” list of all the major radio stations in major cities (Boston, Chicago, Detriot, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix and of course San Francisco). Since the listing is current and real time you have to check the site while the song is still playing, which makes it perfect for the iPhone. The site is definitely a widgsite because, while it also ‘mostly’ works on a desktop browser, if the list of stations is longer than your browser window, you can’t scroll down farther (this isn’t an issue on the iPhone).


Here’s (probably) my last iPhone widgsite for the day (no promises though). I came across this widgsite game over the weekend which drove a friend of mine into a frenzy since she loves the game of “concentration”.

Once more, you can add this game to your Appleopolis personalized iPhone widgsite dashboard, here’s how. Or make yourself a bookmark the old fashioned way here.

(I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record here, but if you have an iPhone, using Appleopolis is going to make your life so much easier)

Not content to give Yahoo! all the iPhone glory, Google has a new beta version of your personalized Google homepage specifically for the iPhone. You can set it up to show you your Gmail, calendar, local theaters and movie times, news, Google maps, Google Reader, Goog411, SMS and more.

This is yet another widgsite you can add to your Appleopolis personalized iPhone widgsite dashboard, here’s how. Or make yourself a bookmark the old fashioned way here.

What could be more appropriate for the newest and shiniest geek device than being able to use it in a purely old skool way. I can see it now. Geeks around the world, huddled over the dungeon map for a hot Friday night of D&D, as they blow on their iPhones and use D&D Dice Roller to “toss” that 20-sided die. Geeks, it takes one to know one.

A couple of useful widgsites for San Francisco resident and visiting iPhone users alike.


Bart Assistant

First up we’ve got Bart Assistant, which let’s you route your journey as well as look up maps, times and fares.

And for those of you who know where you’re going, but need to figure out if you’re just about to miss your ride, MuniTime will provide you with “up to the minute” public transit arrival times.

You can add both of these widgsites to your Appleopolis personalized iPhone widgsite dashboard, here’s how. Or make bookmarks the old fashioned way. MuniTime is here and BartAssistant is here.

Since the release of the iPhone there have been a flood of apps/sites, with new ones every day. It can be frustrating and a bit tedious to find “good” ones that are useful to you, and even more frustrating figuring out a convenient way to access them on the iPhone. You can bookmark them. But usually you discover them on your desktop browser, often at work, and it can be a pain to transfer those bookmarks to your iPhone. Assuming that you even remember that you wanted to put the bookmark on your iPhone, there’s then the issue of organizing your bookmarks in an easily accessible way on the phone. The organization issue is compounded by the fact that there are basically three types of sites for the iPhone:

SeeqPod Logo


SeeqPod is an amazing new app/site for your iPhone that will let you listen to free music (and watch videos). They have dubbed themselves “The World’s Largest Index of Playable Internet Music”.

Just go to the site on your iPhone and select “Search and Discover” at the very top of the screen. If you use the “Search” field, just put in the name of an artist and it will return with a list of available songs. I tried a couple of different searches and from what I could tell it had practically every song by the artists. Just select a song and it will (very quickly) load the song into a player window with controls for your listening pleasure. No, it doesn’t “download” the songs to your iPhone, but it makes pretty much anything available for listening on the go.

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